(12/08) Friday Ecstatic Dance | Fairfax | VESICA

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Summer Hours!

7:30pm – Ecstatic Dance

10pm – Sound Healing / Meditation

10:15pm – Good Night!


Tickets available at the Door:

$25 – Cash / Card / Venmo / Paypal

Circle Passes are Valid here & Sundays in SF

Sold at the door, 5 CircleDance Passes for $100 ($20 each)



$25 Drop-In

$20 on Bloom Community App

$15 on Bloom Community App for SuperBloomers


Ecstatic Dance is a Freeform Conscious Dance where you're encouraged to let go of judgments and expectations. Embrace your emotions, sensations, body, mind, and spirit as you enter this safe space for movement and expression. To maintain this environment, please follow our three main guidelines: no shoes (wear comfy clothes), no alcohol or drugs, and no talking (use body language only). There's no right or wrong way to express yourself here; trust the journey and embrace all that arises.

Our professional DJs curate the soundscape, offering a diverse mix of musical genres, tempos, and emotions. Some dances have an organic, tribal vibe, while others lean toward electronic, futuristic, or urban sounds. Each set is a unique experience!

Ecstatic Dance welcomes people of all ages, genders, religions, and ethnicities. It's a cross-generational, non-denominational community where some dance for exercise, social connection, therapy, emotional release, spiritual practice, or prayer. Whatever your reason for moving, you're welcome here.

Dress comfortably for sweat and wear clothes that allow full motion; no shoes are allowed on the dancefloor. Don't forget your water bottle to stay hydrated; water is usually provided for free. Occasionally, snacks or massages are available for purchase. Most importantly, bring an open mind, a curious spirit, and a body ready to dance!

Many dancers enjoy solo dancing in the Group Field, while others prefer dancing with or without physical contact. Here's a guide for your Ecstatic Dance experience:

Start by dancing with yourself, feeling your current moment and life in general. Set an intention for yourself and the world before you begin.

If you want to dance with someone else, ensure they give consent before touching them or entering their space. If you're unsure or their eyes are closed, it's a no. Respect any no, and don't take it personally.

Nonverbal ways to say "no": Turn away, move away, or place your hand(s) at your heart in a prayer gesture.

Nonverbal ways to say "yes": Turn toward, move closer, or extend an open-palm hand.

All are welcome without restrictions or limitations. Please refrain from talking on the dancefloor, using your phone, wearing shoes or scents, or using substances. Be yourself!

Thank you for respecting the space so that everyone can move, celebrate, heal, and pray in their own unique way, together.

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