Virtual Play Party - Hosted by the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast

Not THAT kind of play... We've partnered with a "Strategic Play Consultant" to host an evening of laughter and games with us!

Hello! :) We're Emma and Fin from the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast! Every month we host virtual meet and greets that bring together amazing open-minded people from across the entire spectrum of non-monogamy... Including those who may just be thinking about it.

​To be honest... We don't completely know exactly what the event is going to be like. But, we know it's going to be an absolute blast! 

We met Gary Ware a few years ago at the World Domination Summit and love the work he does as a Strategic Play Consultant for his company Breakthrough Play. 

By day, Gary helps companies and professionals level up their skills, and by night he is an improv comedian. In between all of Gary’s passions, his most desirous one is helping people become the best versions of themselves through fun and entertainment.

When the pandemic hit, Gary moved his work virtually. Over the last 18 months he has honed his craft so that he can help people improve their lives virtually through games and play. 

Cost: $20/person

See the ticket link for more details!