Permaculture Meets Polyamory - Growing Sustainable Relationship Networks

Would you like to start the new year with a fresh approach to relationships?

Do you find yourself attracted to polyamory and the freedom Relationship Anarchy offers, but aren't sure how to build sustainable relationships using those models?

Relationship Permaculture is a systems approach to building strong, resilient, deeply connected relationships and communities that are founded on respect for individual autonomy and a commitment to co-creation of the collective. Relationship Permaculture provides a set of guiding principles that can enhance your well-being and bring you into better alignment with others, regardless of your personality type or relationship style preference.

Most of us don't immediately associate "sustainability" with "sexy" -- but in a sex-positive world, it's time to flip that script! Let's explore how to shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance, and learn how to "act locally, think globally" in the realms of eros and intimacy.

In this era of disconnection and discontent, knowing how to rely on yourself AND how to play well with others is what creates the juice, the juju, the magic of sustainable connection -- with yourself and your desires; with others and their desires; and with human communities in all their beautiful diversity.

Tanya Jarvik has been navigating the joys and complexities of ethical non-monogamy for over twenty years. She has an extensive background in the field of communications, and has studied narrative therapy, conflict transformation, and NVC (non-violent communication). She has also lived in two different intentional communities: Stone Curves Cohousing, and Columbia Ecovillage. Her relationship consulting business, Radically Rooted (, was founded in 2018.