Psychedelic Integration & Sharing Circle

TICKETS (You must buy one to attend):

By being witnessed and held in community, my hope is that we can feel the interconnection of our experiences and support each other to strengthen our clarity, resilience and connection. 

Our time together includes introductions, an opening and closing practice and time for each participant to use the space as would be most beneficial for them (whether that is sharing and being received, asking questions, seeking feedback, etc.). Afterwards there is time to connect outside of the circle container. 

Hosted by Masters-Level Social Worker and Psychedelic Integration Coach Christina Sandwen.

Sliding scale tickets are available so reach out if the ticket price poses a barrier (no need to explain why). 

****We respectfully ask that everyone wear a mask indoors for the circle****



Tune into your inner guidance surrounding whether to join us for this event with the current COVID-related concerns. As we know, COVID-19, is contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact.

For those who join us, please verbalize your boundaries with others and honor your safety needs and those of the group.

As we connect, please use care when considering your safety and the safety of our community. You are kindly asked to refrain from joining us if you have been sick or have been around someone sick recently.

This event will be held in an indoor space but doors and windows will be open when possible to promote airflow. The space tends to be cold, so you may want to wear warm layers. 

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