Kink for Queers: Kink 101 for the Queer Community (workshop and social)

  • Hosted by Plura NYC
  • NY -
  • 15 people on the list-


Presented by your new local sex positive Queer den. 

Come socialize with other local queers, and explore a beginner kink and BDSM class that is specifically geared towards the Queer community. 

This workshop centers queerness in kink, and is designed for: 

  • Anyone who has been curious about kink/BDSM 
  • Already kinky folks who are new to the scene and want to broaden their foundational knowledge of kink 
  • Sex educators or mental health professionals who would like to better serve folks in these communities 
  • Anyone who has been out of the lifestyle for a little bit and wants to refresh their kink knowledge

What you get

Learn about the herstory of Kink in the Queer community

Learn basic terminology that is used in the Kink community.

Discussion about how Queerness can effect navigating kink & BDSM spaces

Basics of Negotiation

How to dive deeper into the lifestyle

Communities, events, accessible ways to practice kink at home

Exploring and discovering your kinky desires

Basics of Aftercare

And soooo many more tools to get started ;) 

There will be 30 minutes to socialize at the end of the workshop

Address will be sent out after registration