Psychology of Kink: Why does kink make me feel good?

Workshop Description

“Why do I have the kinky fantasies that I do?”

“Am I a bad person for being into this kink/fetish?”

“Why does pain hurt so good?”

And most importantly…

“WHY would ANY sane human want to engage in such acts?!” 

These are just a few of the questions that we’ll be tackling in the Psychology of Kink. 

This provocative class isn’t about the “Hows” of kink and BDSM, but about the “WHYs” that fuel our exploration. Join us as we psychoanalyze the depths of our kinky brains with Certified Sex + Kink Educator, Maria Two-Straps. 

Educator Bio

Maria Two-Straps (she/her) is an "unprofessional professional" and a firm believer that we can all change the world by simply strengthening our intimacy, our relationships, and having more orgasms. She is a Certified Sex/Kink educator, Certified Sex & Relationships Coach, and Certified Intimacy Coordinator who teaches courses online, at local LA dungeons, and events. At the core of her work is an intersectional approach to bringing the “taboo” topics of life to the forefront and stirring the pot of our bullshit societal expectations. Catch her at and on IG at @_sexandsquats.