Intro to Intuitive Shibari for Women + Non-Binary

  • Hosted by HeartLab
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 40 people on the list-

Shibari is a performance-based artistry that can be a deeply insightful modality. In addition to being a sensual and intimate experience, shibari provides a container for both riggers and models to act out, in a safe environment, their internal worlds and silently ruling narratives. When you listen to the rope and to your partner, you may begin to ask yourself - how do you restrain yourself in your daily life? How do you caretake others? How can you better embody power and trust?

In this 3-hour workshop, Lauren Bayley McDaniel will be taking us on a journey of examining the interpersonal philosophy of rope, the practical and safety basics of tying, and how to curate a scene for you and your partner.

Men and all genders are welcome as our rope models, but we ask that our riggers are womxn and non-binary friends.


- If you’re a rigger and ARE bringing your own tying model, please buy TWO tickets so that we know you have a partner.

- If you’re a rigger and are NOT bringing your own tying model, buy one ticket and we’ll match you with a pre-screened model.

- If you would like to be a rope model for this event, please contact the organizers at

COVID: Proof of vaccination required. Masks not required, but welcome.

Testing required - Negative PCR test within 72 hours of event (ie starting Thursday afternoon), or onsite rapid antigen test. is free and fast, in Oakland and SF. If you don't do PCR, we will provide an onsite antigen test for $14. Please arrive at 2:15 for testing.

ADDRESS: HeartLab - 3095 21st Street @ S. Van Ness

- There is no sign for HeartLab, it’s the gated entrance around the corner from Limon. There are bike racks out front, no bikes allowed inside.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive between 2:30-3:00. Doors will CLOSE at 3:05. Parking can be difficult in this area of the city.

ROPE: If you have it already or want to acquire it separately, please bring at least 4 lengths of finished rope measuring 26’ each. If you do not have rope, please let us know and we’ll have some for you at the first class. The cost is $50 for it is black, treated jute rope.

CLOTHING: Wear light, comfortable clothing for both model and rigger. You’re welcome to wear sensual clothing, but this is not a kink event 

 Wearing underwire may interfere with tying.


- Yoga mat and blanket

- Rope, unless buying from us

- Water and tea are provided. Please bring a water bottle and closed container for tea.

- Notebook and pen, if you’re a note taker

- We’ll provide light snacks, but feel free to bring more if you might get hungry


- Please don’t wear perfume, cologne or other strong-smelling things.

- This is a substance-free event. Please do not arrive under the influence and please refrain from substance use during the event.

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