94th Social

Opportunity tickets will start collecting donations at 6pm, and we will start the drawing at 7:30pm, to clear out of the venue by 9ish

A few notes of conduct: please keep in mind this is a vanilla venue, that means attire and behavior should be in line as such. While we are giving away kinky things this is not the place to use them in public. We also do not allow any vending/selling of products on site. If you want to promote your business through 94th you can donate to the prize table with your goods, make sure your business card is attached to the item, and leave more business cards at the table for others to grab or hand them out when people ask for them, but no one should be selling anything during this event!

Also, we are currently looking for a few friendly people that would like to act as introduction ambassadors for this event that we can send new people to start making some introductions/friends. If you'd like to be extra social and help please come up to the table when you arrive and let us know you're someone we can send the newbies to!

As always we gratefully accept your handcrafted toys and secondhand kink implements for a new life on the prize table, with complimentary tickets given for every donation.

If you have questions about the event or donations & sponsorships, please feel free to email at

Thank you so much!

Miss Annie & kitten jen

The 94th Aero Squadron Social is one of San Diego's oldest running all-inclusive kink munches. This is a non-partisan event and holds no affiliation with any group or organization. Everyone 21+ is welcome, venue staff will ask for a valid ID.

Started in 1997, the 94th Aero Squadron Social is a monthly social gathering, in a public venue, of people interested in the greater kink community.

Come make new friends, catch up with old ones, participate in our opportunity drawing for a variety of BDSM themed prizes, all while enjoying cocktails & tasty food from one of San Diego’s most unique dining establishments.


When is it?

The 3rd Wednesday of every month, rain or shine.

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where is it?

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant

8885 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123

Back Patio

Once inside the restaurant, turn left at the host desk and walk through the bar to the back lounge/patio.

Ask the host desk for the internet group if you can’t find us.

There is an area for smokers, as well as a fire pit.

How much does it cost?

This is a free event, however, we ask you to please support the restaurant by purchasing food and drink during our event.

Please order only from the back patio/lounge bar, as the main bar serves the entire restaurant. Our bartender Nate takes great care of us and is provided especially for our event!

Don’t forget to thank and tip the staff!

Attire and Conduct

We meet in a public restaurant that will also be serving the public during our event. Please be mindful of your choice of attire and refrain from any play that you would avoid in any other public setting.

Miss Annie is working to establish and maintain a safer space. Kindness is required.

No bullying or hate speech.

No anti-vanilla rhetoric.

No gatekeeping or kink-shaming.

No personal attacks.

No bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobic or other harmful rhetoric is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Do not touch or hug anyone without their consent.

Known abusers are not welcome.

If you have concerns about another attendee or any of the above, please see Miss Annie immediately at the event or contact via email at


If you’re new/nervous/feeling unsure, come back to the prize table on the patio and say hi to our hosts, Miss Annie or kitten jen. They’ll introduce you to a few folks and answer any questions you might have. (Annie is a six foot tall, loud, colorful red haired pixie, and kitten jen is a tiny purple haired curvy princess, you can’t miss them!)

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