9th Annual Sex Olympics Finals!

We are so close to finishing we can TASTE IT! Tonight is the finals of the Sex Olympics, and that means the crowning of the Ulitmate Winner!

Before we can pick the overall winner, the crowds will cheer on the big events like the USA Spirit Costume Contest, BJ Contest, Sex Positions Bee, Sexy Lap Dance Contest, and Cunnilingus Master. 

Tonight’s Ulitmate Champ brings with them any points they have earned on the first night of the games. Meet our Club Couple, Cindy & John, in the Upstairs Lounge early to sign up for the events!

Throughout this 2-Night event, participants can earn points for participating in each event. The top three finishers in each event also win points towards the ultimate prize. We are also awarding points to the hard-working judges for our BJ Contest!

The top three overall point winners win the big prizes!

The individual with the highest total for both Friday and Saturday nights will be the Ultimate Champion and Win:

6 Month Membership with the First THREE MONTHS VIP + A Gift Bag From Taboo

The Second highest total overall wins:

6 Month Membership + One Night Pass + A Gift Bag From Taboo

The Third highest total overall wins:

One Night Pass + A Gift Bag From Taboo


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