A51's Wacky Ass Winter Play Party @ The Hub

  • Hosted by A51/Safe Space Allies
  • Austell, GA -
  • 11 people on the list-

2024 is here A51 is kicking off it right. With our monthly 8-hour play party @ The Hub. The dungeons and the will be warm all night long. 

Our great friends from AASS (Atlanta Area Spanking Society) @Listener and @NotSoKnotty will be doing their famous Spanking class. Turns out spanking is impact play, who knew? We had a blast the last time they visited and heard they have some new twists for us. 

What would January be without the year's first dose of Primal Play? The mats will be rolled out upstairs in the lower dungeon so you can get in touch with your inner animal. Contact @starchild for more info.

Of course, we'll have a super cool January installment of everyone's favorite mini-scene party game, Wheel of Torment.

The A51 @ The Hub potluck will be back with delicious food and drinks to help keep everyone's energy and spirits up. 

Check out our Virtual Wishboard, Wheel of Torment Sign up, and get details on our Potluck discount tickets in the A51 Fetlife Group Page

It's the first A51 play party of the year... Let’s make this HOT!

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