A Complete Guide to Exploring Submission

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$500 After that

So you think you have a submissive side... but now what? Many people who get involved in BDSM don’t really understand what that entails or how to stand out as a skilled and desirable player. This 8-week course is designed to discuss all that encompasses being a submissive, helping participants to hone their bottom skills and step further down the path of expertise in their roles. The beginning of any power exchange relationship is very important. Setting up expectations, learning the wants and needs of your partner, and building a foundation for future exploration and growth are all equally important to that process. Even if you are not new to the lifestyle, you won't want to miss this extensive training as you will gain an abundance of information as well as see exciting demos! Miss Mackenzee will help to cover some of the questions people have when navigating their role as a s-type. We’ll go over ways to keep the energy alive and fresh in established relationships and how to express your commitment.

In addition to the discussions, there will also be a Discord channel created for participants to join. (You’re able to change your name to remain somewhat anonymous if you desire). Information on how to access this will be sent 1 week prior to the start of the course. You’ll be able to chat with other students, Miss Mackenzee, and Parker Leigh. It's your chance to ask any mentor questions you may have that may come up during the course of the time together. This is a great way to build a community and connect with others who are in a similar position as you. The channel will remain open even after the course is finished. You’ll get access to the recordings of each lesson, worksheets, journal entries, and many additional resources.

When taught as individual workshops, each lesson is typically $25-$99 and my private mentoring is $150-$250 an hour so what you get access to with a ticket to this course far exceeds its value. This is an opportunity to develop your submission under the instruction of a veteran Dominant. Not only will she share her 20+ years of knowledge with you but her 24/7 live-in submissive, Parker Leigh, will also be joining each week and will be available to answer questions as well. If you are unable to pay in full and purchase a ticket, please contact me and we can discuss other payment arrangements and options.

There will be over 20 hours of class time. Don’t worry, lessons will be recorded so if you’re unable to join every week, you won’t miss out. Class will be every Tuesday at 7pm EST.

The schedule will break down as follows:

Week 1: Dipping Your Toes Into BDSM

September 12


  • Learn tons of BDSM terminology to feel confident moving forward
  • Build your negotiation skills for more fulfilling kink adventures
  • Understanding what informed consent looks like
  • Etiquette to learn the Do's and Don'ts of entering a public dungeon

Week 2: Introduction to Power Exchange Relationships

September 19

2.5 hours

  • Psychology behind BDSM & kink
  • Different types of dynamics & choosing what is right for you
  • Responsibilities as a submissive/bottom
  • Getting the most out of your D/s relationship
  • Figuring out rituals and protocols that feed your submissive heart
  • Emotional honesty and the importance of vulnerability
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in your authority transfer relationship
  • And much more

Week 3: Discovering Yourself

September 26

3 hours

  • Taking your role as a bottom further and what that entails
  • Do’s & Don’ts of being a submissive & bottom
  • Effectively communicating your needs
  • Exploring what rewards and punishments look like for you
  • Know your voice and it's power
  • Solo training and preparing for your future top or Dom
  • Understanding what you need in a Dominant
  • Learning what you have to offer your D-type
  • Breaking free from shame surrounding submission

Week 4: Safety and Other Vital Information

October 3

2.5 hours

  • How to identify problematic and dangerous behaviors early
  • Different ways to say no
  • Understanding our limits and when to use your safe word
  • Essential items for your safety kit
  • When to seek medical assistance
  • Help with avoiding injuries
  • Red flags and how to keep yourself safe on your search
  • Know the difference between a healthy power exchange relationship and a toxic one
  • Proper vetting techniques
  • Venturing out after trauma

Week 5: Understanding Headspaces, Drop and Aftercare

October 10

3 hours

  • Tons of tricks to achieve subspace
  • Ways to get your Dominant in the headspace to play
  • What happens to the brain and its chemicals during kinky fun
  • Preparing your body and mind for a scene
  • Understanding what drop is and how to combat it
  • Why aftercare is so important
  • What to have in your aftercare bag
  • And much more!

Week 6: Pain Processing and Other Practical Skills

October 17

2.5 hours

  • How to have longer scenes
  • Building the skills to seduce your Dominant
  • Establishing your relationship with pain and it's boundaries
  • Best stretching exercises for before and after play
  • Bettering your expertise as a bondage bottom
  • Ways to be more present and in touch with your body
  • Breathing techniques and our favorite items to help you get through a scene
  • Exercises to help you turn pain into pleasure
  • Ways to feel more like a badass bottom

Week 7: Exploring Service in Your Relationship

October 24

2 hours

  • Anticipatory service and how to better your talents
  • Learning how to better balance your everyday responsibilities with those as a submissive
  • How to get the most out of serving
  • Gear and toys to aid in your service
  • Navigating people pleasing tendencies
  • Connection through service
  • Being useful even if you don't identify as service-oriented
  • Making sure you are not being taken advantage of

Off October 31st. Happy Halloween my loves

Week 8: Standing Out As a submissive/bottom

November 7

2.5 hours

  • Navigating conversations and better negotiation skills for potential play
  • 10 tips for successful scenes in public
  • Learn ways to approach a Dom
  • Spicy ways to incorporate service into your dynamic
  • Setting healthy boundaries and honoring them
  • Explore how to playfully interact to get what you want
  • Providing the best aftercare for your Top
  • Q&A time

Presenter Information:

Miss Mackenzee is an International BDSM and Sexuality Educator, Certified Hypnotist, Trauma-informed Relationship and Sexual Wellness Coach, Kink Lifestyle and Professional Dominant Mentor, Content Creator, and Writer. She has been involved in the kink lifestyle, professionally and personally, for over 20 years. Miss Mackenzee co-hosts the Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge. Mindfulness is a practice that she incorporates into her everyday life and enjoys helping others become more in tune with themselves and their partner(s). She teaches a full range of subjects including but not limited to energy play, Tantra, bondage, power exchange, reveling in pleasure, hypnosis, sexuality, and the art of sadism.

Miss Mackenzee is highly sought after for private lessons with individuals and couples as well as presenting at conventions and graduate programs at major universities. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as, Widener University, TES, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, Filthy FemDom, Wicked Grounds, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, YNot, SheBop, SADE, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Weekend of Wickedness, Purple Passion, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others.

She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality. Each and every workshop is taught with passion and includes intentional energy. She welcomes people to be free and honest with themselves and their desires.