A Little Date: CG/L/M Speed Dating

Join us on Thursday, April 25th, 7-9 pm, in Brooklyn, for a night of speed dating in the Caregiver/little world!

In this speed dating event, we'll break the night into several parts. Each part will involve group games and 1-1 conversation starters to get the flow going. Both Bigs and Littles/Middles will be able to explore romantic connections in a safe space. We're hoping to help people get offline and find a connection IRL.

You won't be sitting all night, nor will you get lost in the corner of the room. Expect to interact with everyone in the room and engage in conversation that is meant to bring about actual connection!

To keep the event safe, you will be asked to leave if someone makes a complaint. You WON'T be given a warning. Conversation about the incident may happen after the event. But during, you will automatically be asked to leave! Be Warned!

The intention of the night is to help people find each other and make human-to-human connections all while knowing everyone in the space shares your kink. This is not your typical speed dating event.

Not looking for a romantic connection? Come find a new friend.

What can you expect?

The night will be broken into parts that each involve questions and games to help get the flow going. You'll be broken into groups of 2 or more and get to engage in connection or love. The night's intention is to help the entire group get to know one another.

Dress Code:

Feel free to dress with a nod toward your CG or L side. Dress colorfully, playfully, or whatever you need to show who you are on the inside! Have a question? Ask.

Can I come if I am poly and have a partner?.

Yes! This event is for all those searching for love, friends, or more play partners, however, your relationship(s) take shape.

As with all SheMagick Events, this event is for female-identified, Nonbinary, Trans Masc, and GNC Dominants and the folks that love us. We are a Queer- and BIPOC-centered group.

Event venue serves snack food (mozzarella sticks, tots, fries, etc.) and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are accepted only. In other words, a cashless venue.