A SILENCE-AVERSARY! A Very Special Rope Jam

  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 39 people on the list-

We are 100% spoiled here in the Bay Area to have The Silence's gorgeous photography documenting the kink scene. And he's been doing it for TEN YEARS! It's time to celebrate!!!

Join us March 31 for A SILENCE-AVERSARY, a Very Special Rope Jam!

The studio will be laden with a retrospective of The Silence's vast photography archive. There will be strawberry cake. Beyond that, it's a rope jam, people! Come tie, come hang out, come give three cheers to The Silence!

Door will remain open throughout the event; you are welcome to arrive and depart as you wish!

If you are new to rope jams and want to learn a bit more before attending, READ MORE HERE! (scroll down until you see 'Q: What is a Rope Jam?')

  • this is NOT a play party, but rather a playful jam
  • no penetrative play allowed
  • no exchange of bodily fluids (ok, except kissing, that's fine)
  • nudity is fine; be sure to know where the supplies are to clean the mats after you tie
  • remember you are at a group event; we invite you to be part of creating the mood without overwhelming the mood of others, whether with the amount of sound you make or space you take up
  • still have questions? Please email us at for clarity or ask a Vox liaison at the event.

COVID policy (Please take time to read through all policies and etiquette before attending an event at VoxBody!)

Getting Here


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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