A51 Presents: Trial by Kink

A51 is planning a unique experience for lovers of Power Exchange and High Protocol. We will be holding subs who fall short of expectations accountable and dishing out the punishments they so richly deserve. We’re back at one of our favorite venues. The kitchen and bar will be open. Please don’t become impaired if you are competing, judging, or punishing. 

The night begins with a High Protocol Party where submissives compete against one another to see who’s the best. Who are the judges? We will have a mix of public judges as well as undercover judges who will be issuing demerits to misbehaving subs. The subs with the fewest demerits get tiaras to wear with pride for the rest of the night. The subs with the most demerits, probably brats with poor self-control, will have to wear multicolor propeller beanies, for the rest of the night. And that’s just the beginning. 


Once we name our best and worst subs of the night it’s time for the main event Trial by Kink. D-types can refer their misbehaving submissive to our panel of judges for punishment. To refer your submissive for discipline simply fill out a referral, yes similar to the ones you got back in high school. The judges will hear the evidence and then decide on a sufficiently harsh punishment that will be carried out immediately. 

Will the judges be evil sadists more than willing to make your submissive suffer for their transgressions? Of course, they will be. You wouldn’t expect or accept anything less and we wouldn’t dream of disappointing you. 

A51 and Subby School will each be sponsoring 5 submissives to compete, additionally, there will be 10 Wild Card submissives chosen to compete by lottery. 

We’ve made a sticky pointing to everything you need to learn more and sign up for Trial by Kink in the A51 Group: 

 We can’t wait to see you at Trial by Kink

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