Active Bottoming Class

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This event is open to all.

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"Exceeds expectations, expertise abounds, and emotional intelligence is shared. This class is phenomenal." - Tay
"From the great basic kink fundamentals to terrific care while teaching ties and skills, ATU gave me all my money’s worth and more!" - Lu

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Active Bottoming Class

Join us for this class to help bottoms get the most out of their experiences.

This event is **open to anyone** and does not require the Getting Started Class to attend.

Do you feel like you lack body awareness and confidence in being a rope bottom?

Do you have difficulty maintaining focus and communication during rope sessions?

Do you struggle to communicate boundaries and limits to rope tops effectively?

If any of those things are true . . .then this class is for you!

We will help teach techniques and exercises to enhance body awareness and build your confidence in rope.

Provide strategies and exercises to improve focus and communication skills while being tied.

Teach effective communication techniques and negotiation skills to establish clear boundaries and limits.

Join us for this class to help bottoms get the most out of their experiences.

Too many times, classes focus on the hard skills of the Top with little to no thought to the role of the bottom. While we all know that without the bottom, the scene isn't a scene, so what is a bottom to do? What do they need to learn?

This class will focus on bottoming education from Reneehaybailey, bottom and lead instructor for All Tied Up San Diego, and others, related to discussing the role of the bottom in BDSM/Rope Play.

There will be a discussion and Q&A session.

Tops are welcome to attend to learn and observe.

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