Adaptable Aftercare for All

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This class will be held LIVE online via Zoom — Zoom links are sent out 3 days prior and then again 1 hour prior to class. If you sign up within 3 days, please be patient in waiting for the final reminder email, which will be sent out 1 hour prior to the class.

The class will be recorded and available for a limited time shortly following the class. Registration deadline: 1 hour prior to class PST. No day-of cancellations.

Aftercare is a common buzzword in BDSM circles, and many myths surround the practice. Is aftercare only for really intense kink scenes? Does it always look like cuddles, chocolate, and a juice box? What’s the truth about aftercare and sex?

In this class with Evie Lupine, we’ll be breaking down these stereotypes, as well as talking about ways to make an effective aftercare plan even if you’ve never done kink before. We’ll discuss the mechanics behind aftercare, how to make it work better for you, and how your headspace in-scene can change your aftercare needs.

Even if you’re not super kinky, there’s something in this class for you as well. As we’ll discover, aftercare is for everyone! And it carries many benefits for everyday life and vanilla sex, too.

Evie Lupine is an asexual, polyamorous kink educator and YouTuber who first began her journey into the BDSM lifestyle about eight years ago. In that time, she’s been a 24/7 collared submissive, a petplayer, a bondage freak, and an occasional sadist. Her passion for learning as well as her diverse interests within kink led her toward helping others in their explorations. She focuses on supporting folks developing happier, healthier relationships while separating the fantasy from the reality of doing BDSM every day.

We're offering a limited number of free class spots to folks with financial need; please fill out this form if you are interested. Recipients will be chosen based on need and contacted at least 3 days prior to class to confirm.