Adult Sex-Ed Masterclass

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Free Adult Sex-Ed Masterclass

The Sex-Ed You Should’ve Got 

~ for female-identifying humans

Busting Myths & Falsehoods to create a healthy sexuality, with less shame and more pleasure. 

I’m guessing you received sex-ed in high school however, it lacked in so many areas around female pleasure and was filled with so much fear and so much shame.

This left you trying to figure it out on your own, hoping your partner knew and comparing yourself to what you saw on tv. 

Naive about what was “normal” and what was not, too embarrassed to ask and too fearful to explore. 

It is time to change this narrative so you can reclaim your pleasure between the sheets. 

Join me for this FREE Adult Sex-Ed Masterclass where we will be busting myths and falsehoods to create a healthy sexuality with less shame and more pleasure!

There will be lots of time to ask questions and receive coaching around what is going on for you and you will leave feeling empowered in your sexuality and confident in exploring your pleasure. 

~ for female-identifying humans

(stay tuned for a masterclass for male-identifying humans)

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Educator Info:

Hi there, I’m Kim!

I am a certified, Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment & Sexuality Teacher, Speaker, Best Selling Author & Coach, a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Layla Martin’s Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality, and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I specialize in Sexuality, Tantric Sex and Relationships giving you the tools to unleash your sexual confidence and unlock profound new levels of self-love, pleasure, empowerment, healing and intimacy with yourself - and in your relationships!

By creating deep trust and safety in your body and mind, I’ll show you how to RECONNECT to your body, ACTIVATE your turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame, and RECLAIM your true SEXY self so that you can fully step into your UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!