All In! Pan Party [In Person]

This is our pansexual pangender play party with something for everyone! Want to socialize? Do impact play? Bondage? Show off your fetish finery? Find a play partner or mentor? Have sex? This is the place and time! Our lights are high enough to see the whips, our music low enough to hear the moans. We will have food and social areas, sex space, play stations, and hard points- everyone is included! Any play sanctioned by The CSPC is on the table for this party. If you’re going to get messy, bring a tarp and check in with the EC! Whether you are gay, straight, queer, bi, cis, trans, gender non-conforming, dominant, submissive, a switch, top, or bottom, this party is for you.

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(Government ID required for entry and masks are strongly encouraged)

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