Aphrodite & Major's Queer Pl@y Party

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Catch the incredible Major Tom in SD! Don't miss the opportunity to unleash yourself!

***** READ THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL (received after ticket purchase) *****


THIS EVENT IS NOT GENDER BALANCED, it is specifically a Queer/LGBTQ party.

Yes, straight allies are welcome!

Being tantra based our goal is to create a deeply connected environment. The opening circle exercises are designed so that by the time the "free play" begins, everyone is comfortable with everyone else. While every party is different based on the energy in the room, this almost always happens.

Also, we seek to create a space that is not only guilt and shame free, but hopes to overcome any past feelings of too-much or not-enoughness. All parts of you are warmly welcomed! This is a great space to "try on" a different version of yourself that you might normally hide or fear expressing.

We have even been told this event is demisexual friendly!

And we are VERY poly/ENM friendly.


This is a grownups playground where almost anything consensual that people want to do together is ok! From mild affection, sensual massage, cuddling, snuggling, and kissing, to deeply intimate sxxual experiences! This is a space to ask for (and possibly receive) your desires completely shame-free! No violence to others or the space at any time is allowed, and nobody ever has to pl@y at this party.

The agreements to be discussed by the facilitators during the opening circle will emphasize security for everyone. You can then explore within your comfort zone, while taking full personal responsibility for your decisions and interactions. Whether this is your first pl@y party or you’ve lost count of how many you’ve attended, we want you to find this a safe space to enjoy yourself.

Our pl@y party is an event of fun, freedom, and sensual adventure! You are always at choice on involvement in any activities. Being present for the opening circle, however, is required of everyone as is abiding by the agreements of the event. Also expected are that everyone act with integrity. Cl0th1ng is 0pt1onal.

We hope you enjoy meeting other interesting and like-minded people and have a great time!


"Conscious space to meet people willing to provide what you ask"

"Very Mind/Soul/Body expanding (belief changing experience)"

“Hosted in a way that was friendly to first time participants. Guided in a way that was clear 4 what was happening. There were no unknowns for expectations. Nice & welcoming group.”


Opening Circle (connection exercises, guidelines & agreements)

Free time!

Closing Circle

Goodbyes & Clean up


Our events are only open to legal adults (18+). Physical interactions should only be within the boundaries of full consent. Consent means being clear on what you are comfortable with and want to do and do not want to do. For example, only a verbal “Yes” means yes; anything else (including “Maybe” and “No”) mean no. By being fully clear, misunderstandings are avoided. Consent also means honoring the limitations of others.


Dress comfortably and sexy!

No wearing shoes inside.


Towels (more than you think you need).

Your own water (in a closed-lid container).

Food and/or non-alcoholic beverages to share with everyone.

Be clean and sober - NO ALCOHOL OR RECREATIONAL DRUGS. (We want people to make informed choices and authentic connections at this party.) Anyone with substances or potentially under the influence will be asked to leave immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy. Thank you for participating with your own amazing energy!


Please arrive EXACTLY ON TIME. Neither early nor late.

Nobody will be admitted after the doors are locked when the opening circle begins and which everyone MUST be present for.


Old Town, San Diego


EARLY BIRD tickets available until Sunday 7/30/2023 or until sold out.

THIS EVENT IS NOT GENDER BALANCED, it is specifically a Queer/LGBTQ party.

Yes, straight allies are welcome!

This event is advertised in multiple places. (No online RSVP list is a full count of attendees.)

If paying via Eventbrite is problematic for you, please email me at

No Refunds, but you may apply your ticket price to the purchase of a ticket of one of my future events.


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Reignite the Sex God Within (Instant Download)


The legendary Goddess Aphrodite brings you connection events that blend deeply sensual seduction with light youthfulness and fun, and an authenticity that allows for truly deep connection.

Whether you’re bold enough to encounter her at a famous pl@y party, or barely dipping your toe into an energetics or intro level event, you will likely be captivated and swept away into a world where nothing is taboo and all of you is allowed to show up shame free so that you can expand into the truth of who you really desire to be, either for one night or forever.

Join her at an event soon and unveil the mystery 💋

Goddess Aphrodite is available for private sessions, workshops, and group programs and can be reached at


Major Tom is an intimacy coach/facilitator at, co-founder of Temple Of Hedonism, and Co-Producer of

As a buddy expert in the realm of intimacy, his profound expertise shines through. Trained as an authentic relating facilitator, he seamlessly integrates the profound principles of integral theory into his craft. Through a myriad of practices, he masterfully crafts exercises that transcend the boundaries of mere acting and movement, delving into the depths of human connection and vulnerability. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of intimacy, he illuminates the path towards profound self-discovery and genuine connection, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to experience his transformative guidance.

Embracing his calling as a Pleasure Positive and Intimacy Coach, he gracefully assumes the role of an Ethical Hedonism Leader and conscious sexuality facilitator. With unwavering intent, he strives to foster courageous and inclusive spaces, granting individuals the sacred permission to embark upon a profound journey of self-exploration. Guided by a deep understanding of human desires and passions, he empowers individuals to navigate the vast landscapes of their being, encouraging them to embrace and celebrate all aspects of themselves. Through his compassionate guidance and profound insights, he illuminates the transformative path towards authentic self-expression, empowering individuals to forge a harmonious connection between pleasure, intimacy, and personal growth.

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