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Welcome to Arrivals!


Come on down to 910WeHo for our immersive and fun kink-tasting booth event! Get the chance to try out different activities such as flogging, rope, impact, electro, and more. Our experienced instructors will be on hand to show you how it’s done while providing a judgment-free, welcoming environment for all levels of experience. This is perfect for both newbies looking to take their first step into the world of kink or even pros looking to brush up their skills. And if you prefer just observing, no worries - we offer an accepting atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable playing at their own speed. Plus, attending this party also means playing by strictly enforced rules that prohibit any edge play or sexual activity, making your night safe and full of light energy from the start till the end!


  • No genital/anal penetration of any kind
  • No genital-to-genital contact
  • No oral-to-genital contact
  • No alcohol
  • No edge play (including breath play, fire, needles, cutting, knife play, gunplay, electro-play, anything that involves bodily fluid exchange, single tails, and wax play)


When do the doors open?

Guests will be allowed to start entering the facility at 8:00 PM. THE DOORS WILL CLOSE AT 10:45 PM WITHOUT EXCEPTION! ARRIVING LATE DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO A REFUND! 

Will there be food and beverage available?

Yes, snacks and beverages are complimentary!

Are there age restrictions on attendance?

Yes, all attendees must be 18 years of age or older to enter 910 WeHo events. Valid government-issued Photo ID will be required for entry. Anyone under 18 found in the venue will be immediately removed.

Where is 910 WeHo?

910 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90069

Where can I park?

There is street parking, meter parking, and even parking structures within walking distance. We recommend using the residential side streets for free parking, as there are many near our building. If you need special arrangements due to a disability, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at so we can help accommodate you!

Got questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us at ! 


At 910 WeHo, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our guests and staff during this pandemic. To ensure the maximum safety for everyone at our events, we will be practicing the following guidelines:


  • Vaccination Requirement: Vaccination against COVID-19 is very strongly recommended/preferred. We believe vaccination is the only way to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay, and strongly urge everyone planning to attend any event at 910WeHo be fully vaccinated before coming.
  • Masks: Masks are optional at vaccinated-only events, but they can be provided upon request
  • Call Outs/Refunds: Refunds will be given in full to guests who call out sick before arriving at the event. Guests who arrive ill may qualify for a partial refund. No refunds will be provided on-site if an individual does not comply with these policies or shows up unvaccinated.
  • Hand Sanitizer Use: We kindly encourage all guests to use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting our facility. For your safety and convenience, sanitizer is available throughout the premises.
  • Occupancy Guidelines Upholding CDC Guidelines: Our occupancy limits will reflect current CDC occupancy policies so that everyone is as safe as possible while enjoying this event!


910 WeHo will refund the cost of your ticket in credit form that will be sent to your email (not the fee) if a refund is requested for an event or class. Once the event or class has begun, 910 WeHo does not guarantee refunds, although you may still request a refund, and we may choose to grant it at our discretion. If you know you will not be able to attend, please request a refund early by contacting us at! Thank you!

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