August Event - Poly Cocktails LA

This Month's PCLA is guest hosted by Alex! I will see you all in September.

Poly Cocktails L.A. is about building community and forming friendships. It’s a monthly event for poly, open, ethically non-monogamists of all stripes and persuasions in Los Angeles to hang out and get to know each other over drinks and food. There’s no agenda, no panel, no organized discussion; it is purely a social event. Our Host, Roxy, is at each event and is available to help you meet new people if you are feeling shy. Our goal is to make sure you leave having met some new people and feeling like you belong to a larger community.


Although we accept RSVPs here, no RSVP is necessary to attend, and of course, you are welcome to bring your friends, lovers and significant others. We look forward to meeting you all!


**This venue has steep staircases and may not be accessible to everyone.***

Please read our updated event policies here:

**Please take the time to read the rules. This is NOT a dating or cruising event. Anyone who cannot follow the rules will be asked to leave.**

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