Authentic Bay Area x Whirlpool: Authentic Relating in Water

  • Hosted by Authentic Bay Area
  • San Anselmo, CA -
  • 29 people on the list-

YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN AND BE ASKED TO LEAVE IF YOU ARRIVE AT 7PM OR LATER. The container closes at 7:00 pm & Authentic Relating Games begin! Please come with a bathing suit and towel. A bathing suit is required to create learner safety!

​Due to demand, we keep bringing this event back! We are hosting an Authentic Relating Games event IN THE WATER (inside a hot watsu pool!) in Marin County at an incredible private residence. The capacity is 30 people! This event will sell out. We want you to come be a part of this learning experiment with us.

​Arrival time: (between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm) //

​This event is hosted by Authentic Bay Area in partnership with Sol Kennedy (the king of Water Temple - a known water temple facilitator: If you have any questions, please reach out to Authentic Bay Area at 707-241-5289.

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