Autism & Kink with John Pendal

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In this workshop, we look at the overlap of autism and kink. We'll be answering questions like:

  • What is autism and what's the right language to use?
  • Why might an autistic person be attracted to a kinky environment? Can BDSM be used as a form of sensory regulation?
  • What’s the difference between neurotypical and autistic communication?
  • What would be useful to know if you’re playing with a neurodivergent person?
  • And how can you negotiate a scene with someone who doesn’t know where masking ends and begin?

You'll be able to leave the workshop with a better understanding of the intersections of autism and kink, how to better understand and move through the experience of interacting with yourself or someone else as an autistic person in a kink setting, and how to communicate and negotiate better.

This workshop isn't just for autistic folk, it can help anyone who feels like an outsider or would like to create a more inclusive environment.

🎥This workshop will be recorded and available for replay for 1 week after. Only ticket holders who purchased tickets prior to the end of the workshop will receive the recording. The recording cannot be purchased after the completion of the workshop.

Host Bio

Experienced BDSM educator John Pendal joins us all the way from England, UK. In 2003 John became the 25th person to win the annual International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago. Since then he has traveled around the world leading workshops, giving speeches, hosting events, and performing kinky stand-up comedy. Amongst others, John has taught BDSM workshops at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale; Darklands in Antwerp; Down an Dirty in Melbourne, Australia; HunCon in Budapest; Kinkferansen in Oslo; Kinkfest in London; Leather Camp in Wichita; Lupercalia in Canada; Minnesota Leather Pride; Mr Leatherman Toronto; Palm Springs Leather Pride; Rome BDSM Conference; SINSations in Leather; SM Bergen, Norway; Spring in the South in Atlanta; Tribal Fire in Oklahoma; and for twelve consecutive years at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver. He spent lockdown completing a diploma in life coaching and two qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health. He now works online with English-speaking clients anywhere in the world, both directly and as an Associate Coach with “Thriving Autistic”.

John’s coaching website is and kink mentoring info at

He’s also on Fetlife @KinkyLifeCoach as well as Facebook and Instagram