Baby Dom/me/mx Bootcamp: TEXAS

Over the course of 2.5 day we will harness the power of our personas, tie up our branding, and give our communication skills a big old enema

Our famed bootcamp is making it's way down south. We heard everything is bigger in Texas so we're getting a big old house to host you over the weekend. Over the course of 2.5 days we will harness the power of our personas, tie up our branding, and give our communication skills a big old enema.

Maybe you know how to wield a flogger, but now it’s time to whip your soft skills into shape.

Ever wonder how to get exactly the clients you want and feel good about seeing? Maybe you're stumped with the admin side of things, and wonder how the Pros get it all done. Feel like you're just barely treading water financially or emotionally between sessions? This bootcamp is jam-packed with lessons, tricks, and heartfelt stories from seasoned professionals who have made BDSM a sustainable career.

Side hustle, full time gig, or a life-long dream, there’s always room for more in our 7DOD family.

What is a Baby Dom/me/mx?

A baby domme is a person newer to being a Pro Dominant. Whether you’re making the transition from lifestyler to professional or you’re embarking on everything all at once, this bootcamp will have you feeling more confident in your practice or at the very least informative if this is the right career path for you. Whether it’s your side hustle, your full time gig, or a life-long dream, there’s always room for more in our family.

This IN PERSON bootcamp is open to non-binary, trans-femme, trans-masc and cis-femme Dom/me/mxs.

!!Scholarship opportunity!! We are offering TWO scholarships to those facing financial hardship Apply HERE. Please note that the scholarship does not apply to travel or accomodation and is for the curriculum only.

If you could like to donate or sponsor another Domme's training please inquire at

Submissives: we have one available spots if you would like to be a bootcamp submissive for the weekend. This role is best suited for individuals who truly enjoy the act of service. In this role you are of service to the Dominants and will provide as a demo bottom for various lessons. You will learn what it means to be a good client and a memorable submissive. This role is to remain clothed at all times inless instructed otherwise. This single ticket is $800

There are a few rooms/beds available if you are needing accomodation.


DAY 1 - APRIL 7TH 6pm-9pm

DEFINING YOUR OWN SUCCESS: Is your level of success having X amount of sessions a week or is it more only taking *certain* types of sessions. Everyone success will be defined differently from the next.

HOUSE VS INDEPENDENT: The landscape is changing, but even with that, which model is right for you and what can you expect going each route. Here we'll discuss not only the benefits and drawbacks to each model, but how you can use each to your advantage

WHAT'S IN A NAME: Your name (and possibly your honorific) is one of the first things they'll see that represents YOU. How to make sure you stand out from the pack while also giving yourself room to change and grow.

FACE IN & FACE OUT: Whether or not to show your face in your ads or in your online work is a personal choice only you can make. we talk about the pros and cons of each choice, as well as cover some overlooked risks. 

DAY 2 - APRIL 8TH - 11AM-5PM

UNDERSTANDING YOUR POWER: There's some undoing and unsocializing you'll have to do. Domination isn't an entirely different world, but your approach willl be different (in a good way.) Domming isn't all demands and obedience, consider this your finishing school of being professionally dominant, personally.

COMMON NEWBIE MISTAKES: We've all had them, we've all heard them. Learn about the all to common pitfalls that may piss off other Domme's, harm clients, or just be downright embarassing.

EMAIL/CORRESPONDANCE/ VETTING: How you set up bookings but also how you keep yourself safe. Emails, intake, and general correspondence are going to be a vital part of your practice and we'll help you navigate in a way that works for you.

NEGOTIATION: What does a professional negotiation look like pre session versus mid session. How do you account for the unaccountable?

FIRST TIME SESSIONS FOR IDIOTS: We all have had them and you will too. Those clients who don't know what they want specifically or how to get there. By teaching you your way around bullshittng a session for your own benefit, you'll be ready to tackle any session physical or mental.

WHEN SESSIONS GO WRONG: Better to plan to fail than fail to plan, amiright? No matter how much you plan or prepare, not every exchange will go as planned. From no shows to undisclosed health conditions to vengeful ex-wives. In this section we will discuss the common adversities you may face as well as how to handle the unexpected.

FINDING YOUR NICHE / PERSONA: The headmistresses will help each of you craft your individual professional persona's and discuss how to find your niche over time

DAY 3 - APRIL 9TH - 11AM-5PM

Guest Instructor: Odette Engle

CULTURE + ETIQUETTE: just because you're newer doesn't mean you're any less entitled to the space and community. Learn how to navigate relationships amongst peers and build reputation

MARKETING/BRANDING/SOCIAL MEDIA: Some call it the necessary evil to the business, but how you present and market yourself is the first line of battle for any Pro-Dom/me these days. With an everchanging social media landscape, your marketing needs to be adaptable - just like you!

GETTING THE CLIENTS YOU WANT: Fantasize about kidnapping scenes but it's just a barrage of foot requests in you inbox? Learn how to attract more of the clientele that you vibe with. 

MAINTAINING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS / THE ROLE OF REGULARS + CASH-FLOW POST SESSION There's survival SW and there's longevity SW. Both are valid and dependent on the situation you are in. This talk will focus on the long term and maximizing your potential output, making sure you can keep moving towards the goal that works for you.

MONEY TALKS: An honest discussion about rates and why "charge what you deserve" is bullshit. We face income inequality head on, tackle rate-shame and stigma, and address our collective emotional attachments to the numbers in our bank accounts. 

AFTERCARE: What does aftercare look like in a professional setting. What is Top Drop and how to accommodate for it.


PHOTOSHOOT: Bring your best gear and lewks for your new featured ad photo!

Dom/me/mx’s will walk away with

  • A targeted approach to their new practice & possibly a niche!
  • Understanding of their Dom/me persona
  • How to attract the clients you want
  • Equipped for how to handle sessions when they don't go as planned
  • Networking with new and veteran Dom/mes alike!
  • Understanding of how to navigate email, social media, and marketing without losing your sanity

What you get

  • Our BDBC workbook (retail $25) to use during the bootcamp, with prompts to work on at your own pace. Take it home with you to put your learnings into action!
  • Included one-on-one time with one of the headmistresses and/or the featured guest presenters (retail: $100)
  • A mini-photoshoot with one of our favorite professional photographers
  • The confidence, community, and information needed to start taking matters into your own hands. Make back the cost of the bootcamp in as little as two sessions.
  • Lifetime access to 8 weeks of previously recorded BDBC Online
  • Access to the BDBC Alumni forum to connect with other Dom/me/mx's all over the world!
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