Bael Drop-In Series - Non-Collapsible Single + Double Column Ties

  • Hosted by Dual Demons
  • Santa Cruz, CA -

It's time for the bi-annual Dual Demons 3 minute soapbox single column tie moment. Come to this class, and you’ll understand why we choose to teach non-collapsible ties on purpose and use them almost exclusively in our own tying.

In this beginner-friendly class on non-collsapsible single and double dolumn ties, you will start to learn the the technical aspect of these ties. We teach, with lots of break out time, how to securely and aesthetically tie ropes around various body parts on yourself (or your partner) with guidance and attention to safety. With hands-on instruction and a supportive learning environment, you will leave feeling empowered and equipped to explore the captivating world of rope bondage. 

We have modified our cumulative intro to shibari cumulative curriculum for in-person learning without the pressure of having to attend every class. All of our core curriculum classes have a different topic that pulls elements from previous classes, but require no prerequisites for any individual class. Come to one, a few, or all!

These classes are built to be accessible to absolute beginners, but there is something to learn for all skill levels in each class of the Bael Series. We provide technical challenges where applicable for more intermediate students and we strongly believe that having a beginner mindset is crucial to being safe and successful in rope. Our discussion and theory heavy classes are also always changing as the scene changes and we learn and grow as teachers and practitioners ourselves! 

You do NOT need a partner for this class, all of the material will be demonstrated and adapted for self-tying. We will aim to provide multiple ways to achieve each tie to account for differences in bodies, mobility, and general accessibility as best we can. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you. 

Due to these accommodations and the hands-on nature of our teaching style, we have very limited capacity on our classes. Tickets are available at the door if we are not sold out on this page already. 


Bael Series Classes:

Negotiation & Trauma Informed Consent - The Living Document - January 23rd 

Nerves & Safety + Components of Rope - February 20th 

Non-Collapsible Single + Double Column Ties- March 12th 

Creating Connection - April 23rd 

Frictions, Hitches, & Weaving - May 21st 

Building a Rope Scene - June 18th 


What to bring: We will have loaner rope and cutting tools, but feel free to bring your own! We strongly encourage bringing a pencil/pen and a notepad/notebook for notes. 

COVID Precautions: Masks required. All participants must be vaccinated. If you test positive up to 7 days after the event, please let us know so we can inform all other attendees while maintaining your privacy. 

Attire: Come as you are. We suggest something comfortable and cozy (ahem, Cass) but come in whatever outfit you like! Tighter fitting, but easy to move in clothing is usually easier to tie in. 

Location + Time: 7-9pm at the 418 Project (155 River St S, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060). We will have the privacy of the full studio space in the large theater, but we will be ticketing at the main lobby entrance. If you arrive after 7:10pm, please call or text the number on the door as the doors lock behind us for safety and privacy.

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