Bare & Brushed: An Immersive Body Art Experience

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Step into a realm where the canvas breathes, the medium is passion, and the experience is nothing short of transformative.

We celebrate the human form as the ultimate canvas. This is not just an art party; it's an odyssey that fluidly blends collaborative artistic creation with the allure of sensual and sexual play. As you traverse our gallery, you'll find yourself both the artist and the artwork, the observer and the observed, the masterpiece and the maestro. 

Whether you're delicately tracing patterns on a lover's back or surrendering to the brushstrokes of a new-found friend, every moment is a dance between creation and sensation. Let the evening take you where it will, as you discover the myriad ways art and intimacy intertwine.

Palette of Sensual Activities:

Explore activity stations including body painting, body press art, body weaving, edible art, and more. All supplies will be provided and your hosts will guide you to your comfort level. Polaroid cameras will be available if you wish to commemorate your ephemeral masterpieces. 

Fluid Experience:

At Bare and Brushed, art and play are inseparable, swirling together in a blend of rich pigment. In order to facilitate creative expression, we are crafting a bespoke container:

  • Arrival window 6-6:30pm 
  • Opening Circle, Agreements, Artsy Icebreakers 6:30-7:30pm
  • Art & Play 7:30pm - 12am

Note that our arrival window and opening activities emphasize brevity. This is by design, with the intention of directing our creative juices toward facilitated interactivity throughout the evening. We are unable to accommodate late arrivals, so please ensure you are on-site within the arrival window. 


While sexual play is never expected or required, we ask all attendees of Bare and Brushed to arrive prepared to participate in body art activities throughout the evening.

Canvas & Cleanup:

The dress theme for this event invites you to consider that you are the canvas. As such, bring yourself prepared for whatever level of dress or undress inspires you. Suggestions include:

  • Plain undergarments
  • Solid-color clothing you want decorated 
  • Your bare skin

All art supplies provided will be washable; nevertheless, please only wear clothing you are comfortable having irrevocably altered. 

The venue has a shower and we encourage everyone to bring a change of clothes, towel, and personal toiletries.

We will provide drop-cloths, wipes, and basic cleanup supplies. Please be mindful of your body and surroundings and clean as you go. 

Consent & Discretion:

Our event is rooted in a culture of affirmative consent. Every touch, every glance, every brushstroke is an exchange – a dialogue between participants. We ask attendees to approach each interaction mindfully and without expectation.

In the spirit of high society, we uphold the utmost discretion. The privacy of our attendees is paramount. 

Fellowships & Residency Opportunities:

We have a few spots available for eager artists seeking patronage. Please inquire within.

Venue & Event Basics:

  • Private event space in Mission Valley. Address will be sent to paid attendees 24hrs before the event.
  • Venue includes 2 dungeon rooms with furniture, large open play space, outdoor space for socializing, bar area for socializing, two private restrooms and one shared restroom with shower.
  • No smoking of anything anywhere on premises.
  • There is some available parking (lot and street), but carpooling or ridesharing is highly encouraged. 
  • Bring whatever safer sex supplies, toys, etc. you prefer to ensure an enjoyable, consensual experience. 
  • We recommend bringing a towel and change of clothing.  
  • Snacks will be provided. 
  • BYO beverages - alcoholic and non. This is not a dry event, but be mindful of your consumption and remain lucid throughout the night. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are overly intoxicated. 
  • Do not bring any illegal substances. 
  • Our events do not allow edge-play. If you are planning a scene and wondering if it falls into this category, please reach out to us to discuss. 

Covid Policy:

All attendees must be vaccinated and boosted. No exceptions. If you are feeling unwell, stay home. We do not require masking, but encourage you to do so if you wish. We also ask that attendees take a rapid at-home test the day of the event.

Ticketing & Membership:

  • The only way to purchase a ticket is through your personalized ticketing link. Search your email for “Secret Party” (our ticketing vendor) to find your ticketing link. The link is unique to you and allows you to purchase one ticket.  
  • Playamory is a private membership organization. New members are accepted via referral only. 
  • Memberships are for sex-positive individuals of any gender. We do not offer couples’ memberships. If you wish to invite a partner or friend, they must complete their own application: 
  • Only apply for membership once. If you have attended or been offered a ticket to a Playamory event in the past, you are already a member; DO NOT reapply. 
  • Ticketing closes 24 hours before the event. No late ticket purchases, no cash at the event, no sales of any kind at the event. Anyone arriving without a prepaid ticket will be turned away at the door. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • Tickets are non-transferable. Full refunds are available up to 48 hours before the event.

We hope you will accept our invitation to dive into the world of Bare and Brushed and let your senses be your guide. We're here to ensure your experience is as exquisite as the art we celebrate.


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