Bare Naked Yoga

  • Hosted by Sara Ann
  • La Jolla, CA -
  • 35 people on the list-

Bring your mat and experience a heart centered class, in a gorgeous setting, with the sun kissing your skin and your body full of freedom!

At 10:00am PST, we will meet in the parking lot at Torrey Pines Gliderport, 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive , La Jolla, CA, 92037. There is plenty of parking. We will gather at the trailhead,(the trailhead is southwest in the parking lot. There is a guardrail separating the parking lot and a wide open sandy area. We will meet at the guardrail and walk down together). We will begin walking down to Black's Beach at 10am sharp, please be on time! We will experience a 60 minute yoga class. After class, you have the option to stay, swim and play at the beach or depart when you feel ready.

Yoga is the union of your mind, body, and soul. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is the space to let go of all that is happening in your outside world with the intention of going to your inside world to connect with the deepest part of yourself. This is what creates the union, the alignment.

Your body is a sacred temple. Allowing your body to release and surrender your clothes within the practice of yoga gives you a tangible experience of what it feels like to release and let go of those limiting patterns that are no longer serving you. The emotional baggage we all carry around, sometimes without even realizing it.

It might feel scary. It might feel vulnerable. And, it is brave.

You will be surrounded by like-minded and loving souls who have gathered to experience the same feeling of empowerment, freedom and liberation. Ask yourself, if you can let go of your clothes, what else might be possible for you?

In this class, we will begin in a slow meditative place with our clothes on. Through this guided meditation, there will be the space to remove whatever layers you feel comfortable with. You are at choice with yourself and your body.

You will set an intention for our time together to connect your mind and your heart. Perhaps something that will allow you to create shifts within yourself, something that will allow for a deeper union of your mind, body and soul.

You will then move into connecting your breath and your body.

In the middle, you will be more active with sun salutations, warrior series, balancing poses, and strengthening your physical body while drawing it inward. You will be given space throughout the practice for self reflection, inner journeys and healing.

Ending the class, you will experience some slower, longer holds, coming back to your body and your breath, and taking in the sweet sound of the waves as you drift away letting go of all those things that are no longer serving you.

Before you leave your yoga mat, there will be an option to put any clothing back on that you had earlier removed.

This is a sacred and ceremonial class. The expectation is that everyone will be revered as sacred gods and goddesses.

*You will want to wear proper shoes and carry your items in a backpack for the hike down to the beach.

*Bring a towel (maybe two if you plan to swim), sunscreen, bottled water, yoga mat (although, I prefer using a towel instead of a yoga mat) and any props that support your practice.

*This class is all levels. Everyone is welcome!

*This class is donation based. Suggested range is $25- $50. Bring cash or Venmo (@SaraAnn4).

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