BATMAN & ROBIN - QUEER CLASSICS Summer Blockbuster Edition

  • Oakland, CA -

Queering the summer blockbuster! Bring your best sidekick and your love of Batman!

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Holy awful puns Batman! It’s the queerest of the 90s Batman movies, serving blockbuster summer camp like no other.

This movie is the answer you get when you ask a queer director like Joel Schumacher what he wants to see in a Batman movie. It has everything, and tries so hard to be campy that it actually gets there organically. From there on down, all the artistic choices made in this film are hilariously questionable. From the script, to the actors, to the sets, to the costumes, you will be hard-pressed to find something that makes sense, and frankly we’re better off for it. The batsuit gets an anatomical upgrade, Robin is a jealous beta, Cher Horowitz from CLUELESS trades Beverly Hills chic for rubber gear, Uma Thurman plays a mashup of old Hollywood divas rolled up into one (with a muscled meathead from the Batman canon at her side), and diamonds are Ahnuld’s best friend when he needs to supercharge his villainy. The Batman universe hasn’t been this queer since Adam West donned spandex.

Please purchase your tickets online at the link above, or at the theatre on the day of the show. Eventbrite reservations are not applicable.

Please note this is not a free event.

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