Bay Area Poly Happy Hour (San Francisco) -- August

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Welcome to Bay Area Poly Happy Hour!

We're a non-monogamous happy hour bringing together communities from across the Bay Area.


• No cover or cost to attend. (No ticket or RSVP required)

• Come anytime 7:00-10:00pm (note: the venue closes at 10pm)

• If you need help during the event, find someone with a glowing bracelet. They are the hosts!

• Reach us in the chat or by email at:

*****Event Guidelines*****

• Respectful Behavior toward hosts and guests is required. Anyone who violates these rules may be asked to leave the event.

•No photography, video, or recording of any kind is allowed without prior verbal consent of all parties involved.

•Verbal Consent: Please be sure to ask and wait for a yes before hugging or initiating any physical contact, and encourage each other to speak openly about consent and personal boundaries. This helps foster a culture where personal boundaries are supported and attendees are empowered to speak confidently of their limits. (i.e. “Can I give you a hug?” “No thank you, but I would love a handshake.”)

•Expectations: Our events are about developing friendships and connections within the community. Check your expectations at the door. Being at this event does not signal sexual availability or indicate any aspect of sexual orientation. This is a no cruising event, in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for our guests.

**What does "no cruising" mean?**

The no cruising guideline has a lot to do with intentions. Are you coming to this event specifically to go home with a bunch of numbers and dates on the calendar? We'd discourage that. But, are you wanting to come and socialize with other poly people? Great! And does that sometimes naturally lead to dates? Sure does! Just as one might end up dating someone they meet at a running club even though the running club is not specifically set up to be a dating event.

The main thing behind the guideline is preventing it from feeling like a meat market. This is a social event, not a dating event. We want the people who show up to feel comfortable. Having to fight off constant passes can be really uncomfortable, and is not what people come here for.

*****About Bay Area Poly Happy Hour*****

Poly Happy Hour brings together the Bay Area non-monogamous community, from long-timers to those just thinking about exploring, for an afternoon of mingling, friend-making and catching up.

We welcome all the non-monogamous, poly-curious, relationship anarchists, queer-of-all-sorts, supportive friends, singles, couples, polycules, et al. to help us create a safe space for all orientations and all kink and gender identities.

*****Support our hosts*****

No cover or cost to attend, but food and drinks are available to order. - If you're able, please support the folks at Azucar who make this event possible. (buy drinks, come hungry, tip big)


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