Becoming a Snake Whisperer-Women's Goddess Training (Online)

Learn sensuality exercises and practices that will enhance your connection and skillset with your partner.

What it would be like to carry your inner goddess, your inner essence into the bedroom? What would it be like to embody your allure and your radiance with a delicious partner, and then to enhance your magnetism with a skillset that lights up both of you and sends him into surrender?

This recorded class is for women only and no partner is required.

Lauren Harkness brings these skills to you in an evening of fun as we explore the tantric mysteries that enhance a woman's power with men.

Some tasty morsels on the menu include:

  • Lingham and Prostate Massage Techniques
  • How to handle your man when he is vulnerable and encourage his masculine power
  • S*xual Healing and the Science of S*x
  • Male Anatomy
  • Dynamics of the masculine and feminine
  • Sensuality exercises and practices

What will I feel like after the workshop?

You will likely feel refreshed, energized, and very connected to your sisterhood.

*This is a recorded course... there is no live participation.

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sex based, explicit or pornographic. This is an educational workshop with lecture, guided massage and communication practice, theory, and practical elements as explained in details below.

Sold out? Can't make it?

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What folks are saying about Lauren and her classes:

“Lauren has clearly done the work and teaches from a place of deep respect and understanding. I expanded in her workshop in ways that surprised and delighted me!” N, NYC

“Amazing celebrations of Sisterhood!” L, NYC

“Who knew your p*ssy had so much to say! It’s more than just climaxing!” J, NYC

“It’s a powerful experience in self discovery, p*ssy empowerment, self love and manifestation. This is good for anyone looking to unblock & unlock their chakras and get in touch with their feminine.” D, NYC

“Lauren creates such a safe intimate loving space for exploration and makes it easy to say or do what formerly might be inhibited or full of shame.” L, NYC

“Whatever fear or anger you have about your body is okay. Don’t be afraid to jump in and explore it. I did, and I feel relieved, grounded, and more full of pleasure!” S, NYC

“Empowering” M, NYC“This felt like a cellular re-arranging.” M.W. NYC

“Women need ritualized time and space to connect to their femininity. This form Lauren created is perfect.” A, NYC

“Profound community experience for women. I had revelations from deep within.” A, NYC

“Exciting! Invigorating! Energy explorations...Wow! This is an incredible workshop.” L, NYC

“Best event ever. Sisterhood energy flowing in the air. Lauren is the amazing!” F, NYC

“This event was a transforming experience. I definitely want more.” Sara Jane, NYC

“Lauren is an incredibly inspiring and nourishing teacher. I felt connected to myself and my sisters in a powerful deep way. Do not miss this experience.” P, NYC

“If you desire expansion and connection with your soul-this is the woman to guide you.” M, NYC