Becoming Better Lovers

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Becoming Better Lovers

A Hands-on Exploration of Conscious Intimacy - 8 week experiential workshop

As humans, we carry a deep desire to connect with, and feel seen by others in our community. Far too often pleasure can be prioritized over true connection. So then, what does authentic intimacy entail?

In “Becoming BETTER LOVERS - How to Build a Risk Aware Intimacy & Kink Practice” we practice creating a safe, supportive space for exploring kinkier sides with awareness and sensitivity. Our ask is that you come with the willingness to look at your own patterns and the openess to listen to the experiences of those around you.

Over these 8 weeks you will learn somatic practices, begin to decode the nervous system, and evaluate things like social conditioning, attachment styles and codependency so that you can build a saf(er), more inclusive expression of intimacy. 

Join Prof. Playtime, an Intimacy Coach and Community organizer, and Travis Sigley, a Career Sex Worker, Integrity & Accountability Coach, to discover how to reevaluate your social conditioning, expand your capacity for connection, regain your sense of autonomy, and build a saf(er), more inclusive sexual practice. 

NOTE: This container is built for solo & partnership work.

Opening circle will be on in the Bay Area on June 6th, with virtual sessions to accommodate the people from around the world. You’ll also get access to our 2 day loveSkills weekend retreat, Oct. 14-15th (IRL in the Bay Area) To make this as accessible as possible we are offering sliding scale pricing and no one turned away for lack of funds (more on that below.)

With your ticket purchase you also get access to our loveSkills weekend👇 offered online OR LIVE in person (Bay Area) so you can join from wherever you are. loveSkills is filled with 14 unique experiences and over 18 hours of content, across 4 main area’s of love;

Track 1: Deepening Relationships

Track 2: Spirituality & Embodiment 

Track 3: Deconstructing Integrity & Intimacy

Track 4: Exploring Our Kinks

Is this space for you?

This is a LGBTQIA+ friendly workshop and welcome all races & ethnicities. Diversity of experience Is what makes this container so impactful and we also acknowledge that we are two white practitioners that are still actively decolonizing our practices.

We ask that you come with curiosity, a basic understanding of consent-culture, interest in prioritizing others experiences as much as your own, and willingness to reflect on your own patterns and behaviors. 

If you have questions or aren’t as experiences as you like to be but still are curious, schedule time with us!

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✅ Weekly Virtual Group Coaching Calls (1.5hrs)

✅ Personal Assessments

✅ IRL Initiation Ceremony

✅ Exclusive Demo’s & Resources From Experts

✅ FREE access to loveSkills Weekend (2 Day Retreat)

✅ Workbooks / Handouts

⚠️BONUS: access to a monthly integration call for 1 year with ticket purchase

***Sliding scale pricing & no one turned away for lack of funds (more info. on ticketing with the link!

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Becoming Better Lovers

The first month, we're going to walk you through a process of getting really clear on what kind of lover you would like to be, what kind of lovers you’d like to be with, as well as what has prevented you from having that in the past. 

During the 3rd and 4th weeks we will work together to bring in tools to help regulate the mind and the body SO THAT YOU feel grounded, attuned and confident so when you do build intimate connections, you will be coming from a place of being deeply connected to yourself.

The 5th - 7th weeks we use real experiences to help you authentically express your needs and desires and respond to the needs and desires of those around you. We will embrace the imperfections in our process and listen to one another experiences so that you can start to integrate theory into practice.

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Please contribute at the level that best reflects what you can afford. That helps us maintain our generous No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds policy.

  • Tickets will be on a sliding scale from $699 - $999
  • No one turned away for lack of funds. If you need a discount due to financial hardship, we have codes available. 👇

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Step 1: Embrace Play & Vulnerability 

Step 2: Remove Limitations 

Step 3: Build your Toolbox

Step 4: Embodiment 

Step 5: Express Yourself 

Step 6: Purpose in Pleasure 

Step 7: Explore your Fantasies 

Step 8: Integrate through Experience 

October 14th - 15th >> loveSkills Workshop Weekend << (IRL - Bay Area, CA)

Join us for two days of hands-on learning as we bring theory into somatic practice! Featuring 14 educators & over 18hours on content, across 4 main tracks; Deepening Relationships, Spirituality & Embodiment, Deconstructing Integrity & Intimacy, and Exploring Our Kinks. Learn from experienced educators, meet others in the community, and experiment with a variety of props and tools. You’ll explore your boundaries and discover new ways to express your sexuality with technical skills so that you have an anchor point in your continued sexual journey.