[FREE] Demystifying Consent: Going Beyond a Yes and No

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Consent at Plura

This workshop is part of the Consent Skillz education program. Plura is partnering with key consent and DEI educators to grow our community knowledge on how to respectfully engage on this platform.

This workshop is free to attend. You will find the recording of this workshop, along with the recordings of all past Plura consent workshops in our Consent Hub []

Event Description

This workshop serves as a tool for participants to understand the intricate dimensions of consent as well as learn to connect with what affirmative consent feels like in their body. We will cover the mainstream understanding of consent, non verbal consent, consent during altered states in kink and assessing individual risk profiles for consent. We will also examine some assumptions that we make about consent and how that can be harmful. Participants will learn about tools to identify their preferences in kink and how to proactively communicate consent during scenes.

Host Bio

Nikita Fernandes, MA, MHC-LP (she/her) is an immigrant South Asian cisgender queer woman who was born and raised in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She is a Sex Therapist and Psychotherapist located in New York City and graduated from New York University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Nikita's multifaceted identity as a queer, poly, kinky Indian woman significantly influences her therapy practice. In her approach, Nikita prioritizes fostering self-compassion in the face of systemic oppression, rather than just numbing pain. Rooted in evidence-based techniques, her methods acknowledge the impact of trauma and embrace diverse cultural perspectives. She is also an experienced kinkster and helps in community organising for non-monogamous spaces in new york city.