Big Lust: Embracing Sexuality in a Fat Body

Your fat body deserves all the sexual intimacy & pleasure you desire! Learn to live your best sexual life in this workshop with a sex coach

Right at this moment, countless fat people of all shapes, orientations, genders, ages, and levels of ability are having fulfilling and even mind-blowing sex. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

One of the most damaging myths about fatness is that it makes us undesirable, unattractive, even unfuckable. That’s a fatphobic lie, and it’s time for the truth: Pleasure is your birthright no matter your size or shape, you CAN have amazing sex with a fat body, and there are plenty of people out there who genuinely revel in their partners’ fat bodies. The key is in making sure the sex you’re having fits your body– not the other way around.

In this fat liberation workshop with fat activist and sex educator/coach Rebecca Rose Vassy, learn how to embrace your sexuality, your body, and your sex life. Discover:

  • How to adapt your positions and surroundings to make your body comfortable during sex
  • How to talk to your lover about your body’s needs and how to touch and talk to you the way that feels good to YOU
  • How to explore your sexuality and pleasure solo, giving yourself the space to become a loving partner to your body
  • How to work through fears and body image issues that come up around sex for you
  • How to vet potential sex partners for body affirmation and safety before you have sex with them
  • BONUS: Begin to see yourself through the eyes, words, and desires of people who enjoy their partners’ fat bodies

An active, pleasure-filled sex life isn’t something you must put off until/unless you lose weight. Intimacy and pleasure is yours for the taking right now as you transform your relationship to fat-bodied sex.

There will be a Q&A discussion period with a method for submitting questions or experiences anonymously. This class is inclusive of and welcomes people of all genders, orientations, lovestyles, neurotypes, and levels of physical ability.

This class offers AASECT-approved CEUs. Please select the CEU option at registration if you wish to receive the certificate. You MUST attend the live session and confirm your attendance in the session to complete the requirements. Workshops offered by non-AASECT affiliated educators have been supervised and reviewed by an AASECT-certified supervisor. 

This class is virtual and will be recorded, with the link to the recording provided to all registrants. Sliding scale tiers are available, and you may also inquire about sliding scale accommodations at See our Body-Affirming Workshops collection for more classes this winter and spring about living your best fat life. And sign up for our mailing list for workshop announcements, Ask a Sexpert, and free sexual and mental wellness resources!

Rebecca Rose Vassy is a sex, relationship, and body image educator and coach with The Pincus Center, creating blog posts and web-based resources in addition to her other work. As her alter ego Diva Darling, she is the host and producer of the erotic storytelling open mic Smut Slam DC, a burlesque performer and teacher, and the editor of Anonymous Sex Vol. I. She created and wrote the Blooms Blog for education-based adult store Lotus Blooms, where she was a resident educator; she has also taught for Black Rose, DC After Dark, Joe’s Movement Emporium, and numerous sex-positive and sacred sexuality festivals.

The Pincus Center for Inclusive Treatment and Education specializes in working with queer, transgender/nonbinary, kinky, and ethically non-monogamous/polyamorous people. We value sex positivity (including asexuality), body positivity and fat liberation, and racial justice.