Black Diamond Ritual

  • Hosted by Sarasa Tantra
  • Emeryville, CA -
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Join Caroline Carrington for her Black Diamond Ritual to sample the sweet, savory & spicy delights that the fusion of NeoTantra and Sacred Kink has to offer. This evening will tantalize your senses, show you new ways to embrace the heart, expand your intimacy and connection skills, while getting high on energy itself.

Caroline will guide you through an evening exploring your heart, energy, sensations, desires, and a deeper connection with yourself and others. Combine the energy & breathwork of NeoTantra with the dance of power & surrender in Kink/BDSM.

The Black Diamond Ritual is an interactive experience where you will have the opportunity to enjoy guided exercises including breath work, energy play, and conscious touch with a variety of partners through the evening.

You’re invited to explore this modern version of an ancient NeoT@ntric ritual as a couple or join as an individual to enjoy this NeoT@ntric version of speed dating.

This is the perfect place to come and explore NeoT@ntra whether you're dipping your toes in for the first time or a seasoned pro!

WHEN: Monday Sept 11th

TIME: 6.30 - 10.00pm


Early Bird Celebration: $70.00 per person

Juicy Being: $80.00 per person

Lucky Last Minute: $90.00 per person

Rave reviews:

"Caroline is a wonderful facilitator: passionate, open and inviting, with a solidity and integrity that helps other people feel safe. At her events, I feel safe to express my passion and eroticism more freely than usual because the trust and safety she builds with her groups allows me to go deep. I want all newcomers to NeoT@ntra to experience facilitation like hers! And for experienced seekers, you will find something here that allows you to go deep. As a Queer and k!nky person, I also appreciate how Caroline breaks through the stereotypes that have previously turned me off from NeoTantra -- her inclusive and alluring style makes these teachings relevant to me as a person in the 21st century and help me embody a deeper level of pleasure and power."

~ Leonore Tjia, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Berkeley

"Thanks so much for the lovely puja. It was just what I needed! I've been a bit "out of the loop" since my divorce and felt awkward going to events alone. The ability to sign up and go to this class as a single woman was just perfect for me. And you two held the space exquisitely. Just the right balance of sacred and spice, and completely, completely safe. Perfect!"

~ Dawn Davidson, San Leandro, CA

"On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being very experienced) - in K!nk, I’d give myself a 4. In NeoTantra, maybe a 1.5. It’s also been a long time since I was deep into the kink scene, so when the prospect of this “K!nky Puja” came up, I was more than a little intrigued. While BD$M always felt like a sacred practice to me, I’d never consciously married it to NeoT@ntra, mostly because I’d never been exposed to or involved with T@ntric practices. Caroline is a dream: so present, so grounded, so knowledgeable, so heart-centered, so HOT. She weaved and held such a lovely container for our group to drop into — invoking both a sense of sacred devotion but also play and pleasure! And Caroline’s VOICE! It’s not just the accent

~ Carmen, San Francisco

This class is LGBT-friendly and invites people of all genders.

Singles, couples, and groups are welcome.


Please respect this as a fragrance-free event to honor those with sensitivities.

Cancellation policy:

Full refunds are given with more than 24 hours notice. No refunds less than 24 hours before the start time of the event. All refunds are subject to a $15 admin fee.


Caroline Carrington is a Certified NeoT@ntra Educator and pleasure & intimacy expert inspiring people to live empowered lives across the US and around the world. She is the Founder of Sarasa T@ntra and carries the dream of this lineage to expand people’s experience of intimacy and connection through relationships, energy play and dynamic, erotic meditation. Caroline is passionate about walking NeoT@ntra out of the bedroom and into the world and has taught about the benefits of sexual healing and trauma at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. She has had the privilege of studying Somatic Experiencing with a variety of teachers including the creator, Peter Levine to expand her capacity to support trauma survivors. Caroline deepened her connection to k!nk and gender inclusivity during the Urban T@ntra Professional Training with Barbara Carrellas. She is blessed to have been on spiritual pilgrimage to India with Gina Sala to study Nada Yoga, the Tantra of Sound, as well as with classical Tantrika and Sanskrit scholar Dr Vajish Shastri-ji in Varanasi. Caroline studied T@ntra Yoga with Pedro Franco who uses yoga postures and breathwork as a focal point for his teaching. She has spent years practicing Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion studying with Deva Premal and Miten, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das and uses mantra as part of her daily meditation practice. She carries mantras on her lips and in her heart wherever she goes. For the past 8 years, Caroline has been studying more subtle forms of energy practice and attachment healing with Norma Ramos.

Caroline is available for private sessions, workshops, deep dive retreats and is committed to training teachers and mentoring NeoT@ntric practitioners with high levels of integrity

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