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A 24 hour online Black Thorn Market sale event!

This Market is for you. ❤️

Hop into the market on Friday, November 25th for great deals on fetish attire, bondage equipment, implements, wax, rope, and more! Some vendors are liquidating parts of their inventory and will be offering deep discounts. Don’t miss out!

About the Market

By kinksters for kinksters, the Black Thorn Market is a seasonal, online marketplace hosted on the Black Thorn website for a limited time.

Featuring over 30 vendors, this market is curated for high quality products whose producers know the kind of wear and tear they will receive.

Thank you for supporting our independent entrepreneurs and your fellow community members. Dive in, explore, and enjoy!

Meet the Vendors

  • House of Wolfram
  • Dye Addict Rope
  • Janus Custom Whips
  • House of SXN
  • Laughing Cat Forge
  • Chainmaille by Chelle
  • Whips By Axel
  • K-Floggers
  • Muse House
  • Satans playground
  • SireDonLeather
  • Totally Normal Fun
  • Sirius Impact
  • Rods By Rane
  • Torrid Timber
  • RACK Leather Goods
  • TooHotCandles
  • Fat Unicorn
  • BitchesLoveLeather
  • The Pharaoh’s Metals
  • Wian Studios
  • YMS Custom Woodworking
  • Docendo Designs
  • WonderTwit Productions
  • Crafty Goddess Gallery
  • Panther Prowls
  • Locked In Lust
  • Leathercore