Blindfolded Contact featuring live cello (8/26/23)

Discover your dance in a whole new way!

Blindfolded Contact Dance is a slow and gentle experience— for both beginners and experienced dancers alike. The constraint of the blindfold invites dancer to explore other senses to find connection, expression, pleasure, and safety. These workshops take participants on a journey of somatic self-discovery and non-verbal consent via solo and group exercises before culminating in a freeform blindfolded jam. We will open with a short circle addressing boundaries and safety. Please arrive between 6:30-7. This is closed container. Late arrivals will not be admitted and will not receive a refund.

This workshop features live music from RutiCelli. Ruti is the founder of Intimate Cello and a classically trained cellist using loopers to compose multi-genre music on the spot. She is an indie music publisher experimenting with improvisation, jazzy vibey electronica, and sensual pop lounge music productions. She is a performer who bridges to different audiences bringing presence and connection while channeling her essence in all her creations. She offers sound journeys as sonic activation in 432Hz, consciously boosting “right brain” function, which helps people relax while expanding their consciousness through imagination, intuition, and creativity. Hear her music here:

Part of the core ethos of BFC is "the whole room is your partner." That means setting aside your judgments, preferences, and biases and dancing with everyone in the space—including by yourself.

We have a high expectation of personal responsibility and respect regarding consent and boundaries. 

Learn more about us and read the code of conduct at

If you have a blindfold (or something that can be used as one), please bring it. Otherwise we will have some available.

Studio 12, 2525 8th St, Berkeley, CA , August 26, 2023, 6:30-10pm

$35 online until 8/10, $40 online until 8/17, $50 until 4pm day of event, $60 at the door

Financial assistance may be available. Please reach out for more information.

The workshop location is on the first floor (no stairs) and is ADA accessible.

Pre-sale ticket refunds - minus the Eventbrite fee - available until 7 days before event. After that you are responsible for finding someone to buy your ticket. Refunds or transfers to other events are available for those who cannot attend due to reasons related to COVID-19.


We no longer require a rapid test before the event, but encourage you to take one. If you do not feel well, please stay home. Masks are encouraged, but optional.

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