Intention and Connection in Rope with MxBliss!

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Please note: This class will be offered both online and in-person. The in-person class is vaccinated only. If you are planning to attend in-person, please remember to bring your vaccination card and a mask. It is required to wear a mask through out the duration of the class.

Fetlfe Link (RSVP Appreciated):

It is often said: “Rope is about connection.” But what does that really mean? This is a class about how to set and communicate intention. This allows you to better define and be successful in building the connection you and your partner want. Join MxBliss and her demo bottom, TasteOfHappiness to learn some tips on how to communicate that intention with rope!

In this class, we will talk about the lifecycle of a connective rope scene from a Top’s, bottom’s and self tier’s perspective. As you probably guessed, it all starts with the negotiation. We’ll cover questions you can ask and what to do with some of the answers you might receive. We will also cover the basic mechanics and safety of having a floor rope scene where all you need is a human or two, a mat/carpeting/bed, and a hank of rope.

There will be a demo and a lab on how to touch bodies with rope (and communicate about how we like to be touched) given different intentions (e.g., sadistic, sensual, technical, agape, sexy-time, D/s, humor). Of course, we will also cover some rope specific erogenous zones and pressure points so you can more effectively communicate sadistic, sensual, and D/s intention with rope. In the demo/lab, we will be doing some partner tying but will have modifications for all of the exercises for folks attending solo.

Experienced riggers will walk out of this class with tips to make your next rope scene more joyful. Newer riggers and rope bottoms will leave with the skills they need to have their first connective rope scene. Beginners are welcome but please see prework on tying a single column.

Bring your rope. No prior rope experience is necessary but knowing how to tie a single column is super helpful and a prerequisite if you want to lab in class. I recommend learning the "somerville bowline" (invented by Topologist):

About MxBliss:

Mx Bliss (she/they) is a joyful sadomasochist, sensation empath, consent enthusiast, rope switch, self suspender, and lifestyle quinkster (queer kinkster). Bliss is having the time of their life with rope and is eager to share the joy. She co-facilitates AlternaRope, a celebration of diversity in rope. Both in vanilla and kink worlds, MxBliss frequently discusses negotiation, innovation, and diversity/equity/inclusion.

Fetlife: MxBliss

IG: mx_bliss

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