Bodywork Class & Jam with Adam Rinder

  • Hosted by The Alembic
  • Berkeley, CA -

Come and nourish yourself with a peer-to-peer exchange of bodywork and healing touch.

Come and nourish yourself with a peer-to-peer exchange of bodywork and healing touch. During the class, the facilitator will guide participants through a simple Thai massage sequence with an emphasis on cultivating sensitivity and body awareness. Each week, we will then offer a different range of techniques and transitions highlighting a particular area of the body and receiving position (e.g. supine, prone, side-lying). Over several sessions, you will learn a range of techniques and transitions that can be integrated into a more comprehensive massage sequence. In addition, participants will be introduced to the foundational principles of Thai massage. These principles, when applied with awareness, teach us how to use intelligent body mechanics to provide deep therapy without strain for the giver.

The second half of the jam will be an open practice space dedicated to integrating what you have learned. During this time, you are invited to share any other adjacent bodywork modalities or techniques that inspire you. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn with and from each other in a safe, heart-opening, community experience of healing touch.

This jam is geared towards anyone who has an interest in cultivating a bodywork practice. It is especially valuable for practitioners who wish to develop greater confidence with hands-on healing modalities and receive feedback from peers. If this is your first time attending, please plan to join the guided class so that you can orient yourself to the guidelines for this space and get inspired for the jam.

Adam Rinder has been teaching AcroYoga, Thai massage, and related healing arts for over a decade. He was introduced to AcroYoga during the movement's formative stages in 2005. In the years following, Adam established himself as a leader in the AcroYoga community, co-facilitating teacher trainings with its founders and traveling extensively around the world teaching workshops, immersions, conferences and festivals. He has studied extensively with teachers from the Thai Massage Circus, specifically Gwyn Williams & Arno L’hermitte, whose skillful and precise approach to bodywork has provided a lifelong perspective on mastering the art of presence-based touch. He is passionate about building community through embodied practices. Visit his website for more information and resources:

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