Book Binding 101 with Books by Toni

Learn the foundations of book making with a codex structure that includes a hand-stitched binding.

This event will take place at The Rope Collective Studio in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Visit the Contact + Location tab of our website for studio access information.


Learn the foundations of book making with a codex structure that includes a hand-stitched binding. Codex book binding is an easy way to make a very polished hard cover book to use as a journal, sketch book or a way to build a custom scrapbook for a specific event. You will create your very own personalized and unique book as you develop skills needed to build basic book structures. Quality materials will be provided including decorative paper to feature on your title cover but if you would like to bring a specific image/paper for your cover, please do so! The paper provided for the pages will be a mixed media paper and is compatible with most art supplies to use inside!

Toni Wendel is a book binder and artist who studied at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Supplies list:

Paper cutter


Book board

Book cloth/ decorative paper

Bone folder


Sewing needle (with a sizable eye)

Wax thread

Exacto knife

Pad/mat for exacto knife


PVA glue

Flat bristle paint brush


*All the supplies are provided for the materials cost but will be returned at the end of workshop.

You’re welcome to bring all these supplies needed yourself and not pay the materials cost (all materials listed are necessary for the workshop)



Wear clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, empowered or expressive. This is not a play party and all guests will be encouraged to come in clothing that comfortable and/or expressive in ways that feel good to them but required to keep under garments on and pelvic area covered. We suggest something that you might wear to move freely without feeling restricted. Separate top and bottom that allows you to expose legs, arms, and belly may feel good for the interactive portions of this workshop but is optional.

Please bring anything else that allows you to feel comfortable and we ask that you limit usage of strong perfumes/aromas to support a variety of sensory needs. Here's a list of items we use throughout most of our events, classes + workshops that will support your experience.

• mat/blanket

• jacket/sweater + layers for varying comfort needs and temperatures

• 1-2 hanks of rope + safety shears/cutting instrument

• notepad /pen

• water + snacks

*We have mats, blankets, pillows, safety sheers, snacks + NA beverages, and clean rope to borrow and for sale.


This event is hosted at The Rope Collective studio in Barrio Logan. You can find our studio access information under the Contact page on The Rope Collective's website and the link will be sent in email confirmation under "Additional Information" section.


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