Boots and BBQ Munch

  • NJ -

Hey bootblacks!

Let’s celebrate 50 years that the first “bootblack” competition was created!

Event is open for all leather/kinky/alt lifestyle folxs to attend but make sure you RESPECT THE BOOTBLACKS. Period. This a BIPOC and LGBTQIA2+ friendly space and ran by a BIPOC Queer Polyam person!

If you’ve never experienced the magical hands of a bootblack needless to say you should come and bring a tip! The more complex the work the bigger the tip should be as a rule of thumb! Respect the bootblack and their honorifics (title) as they may be a Sir/Master/Dom/Domme etc. The bootblack is not always an s-type (little/submissive/slave/switch).

If the bootblack says NO, it’s a NO. Consent is mandatory.

Please use the chat as a way to voice your leather and other textile concerns so you can be best accommodated.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly at:

IG: Daijahflamesonyx


FB: Daijah Bubs

Discord: Callme_bubbles#2747

Tickets are also VERY limited. Food and beverages are included with ticket. Alcoholic drinks will be available for sale.

Donations are more than appreciated for supplies for this event! Any extra funds I would like to use for traveling and to stock my own personal bootblack kit.

If you do not have a bootblack kit and would like to learn you are MORE than welcome to use any of my supplies.

Donation links and please include this is for donations!:

Venmo: @MsBubz

Cash App: $Cece1206