Boundaries That Get You Off: How to Pleasure-Focus Communication in BDSM Negotiations

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Setting boundaries and negotiating limits is crucial when exploring kink and BDSM, but the process doesn’t have to be dull or overwhelming! In fact, communication and boundary-setting can be an exciting and arousing part of the experience: building anticipation, intimacy, and erotic tension. It’s scene foreplay!

Join sexologist and intimacy educator Lilithfoxx as she discusses pleasure-focused and practical tips for effective, inclusive, trauma-informed, and mindful communication in BDSM. We’ll cover adapting communication and negotiation styles to suit different partners, neurodivergencies, dynamics, and play scenarios while respecting power and authority dynamics. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to kink, this class will help you transform communication into an exhilarating and empowering component of your BDSM experiences.

Lilithfoxx is a BIPOC, queer, neurodivergent, kinky and polyamorous marketing professional and proud former sex worker turned sexologist, educator, and inclusivity consultant. In addition to pursuing her AASECT and Board certifications, she has a professional interest in organizational DEI, BIPOC LGBTQ+ and disability inclusivity, teaching and facilitating workshops and events at conferences and organizations worldwide. Lilith also provides organizational consulting for consent and alternative sexuality inclusivity in the clinical setting, and provides website development, marketing and business consulting to adult-oriented businesses under her brand Lilith Consulting. Outside of kink and her professional life, Lilith is a chef, plant parent, and avid traveler.

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