(Class Recording) Breaking Barriers: Learning How to Communicate Through Conflict in Relationships

This is not a live event, this page is for buying the recording.

Recording sales are available between 06/22/2023-12/31/2023, so don't miss out!

"Learning How to Communicate Through Conflict" is a workshop for anyone who has difficulty communicating through conflict. In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Common blocks and barriers that hinder our communication during conflict
  • Tools and methods for de-escalation, self-soothing, and conflict resolution
  • How to sustain gentle, non-violent communication and build a positive reference for harder conversations

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of the causes and conditions that create communication barriers
  • The most common conflicts that show up in intimate relationship dynamics
  • How to establish emotional equity and address conflicting needs in partnership
  • A Do's & Don'ts worksheet on how to conduct vulnerable conversations
  • How to address shame, self-soothe, practice accountability, and initiate emotional repair
  • A "Relationship Check-in" template for consistent care around shifting needs and desires

Attendees of this workshop will be relieved to find out that many of us suffer from the same blocks and barriers when it comes to conflict and communication. The intention of this workshop is to offer folks the tools and templates they need to feel confident and courageous to step into challenging conversations. Many of us lack the willingness to face conflict out of fear of the discomfort we'll face or the consequences that will come, but after this workshop, you will learn how conflict can be a means of actually building intimacy and cultivating closeness. This workshop is for everyone - couples, polycules, and single people are all encouraged to attend.

Host Bio

Bear & Fifi are QTBIPOC, Polyamorous, Sex Positive, certified Tantra practitioners, born, raised, and currently cohabiting in Brooklyn, New York City.

Instagram: @bear.n.fifi