Brooklyn Polyamory Picnic in BK Bridge Park

Downtown Brooklyn Polyamory Social is back with another picnic in the park! Join us as we welcome our local non-monogamous, polyamorous, and curious folks for conversation and connection.

As usual, expect to chat about how to be our best poly/non-monogamous selves. This event is outdoors, and will mostly be about free mingling and chatting. Whether you are a long-time group member eager to reconnect with old friends, or a first-timer looking to learn more about polyamory and non-monogamy and meet like-minded people, come join us!

First-time attendees, please see one of the organizers when you arrive to get a welcome, a name-tag, and to be introduced to the group. Organizers can be identified by the stars (badly) drawn on the four corners of their name-tags.

Weather permitting, we will be in Brooklyn Bridge Park in the green space just South of Pier 1 from 2:30pm - 5:00pm, but feel free to stay longer. This location is a grassy field with both shade and sun. It is always wise to bring something like a blanket, towel or little tarp to sit on in case the ground is wet. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share, but coming empty-handed is also totally fine. In case of heavy rain, we may reschedule at the last minute.

This meetup is about connecting with old and new friends and sharing ideas and experiences. It is not a cruising or pickup event, so please do not come with those expectations or intentions as they can make folks uncomfortable and feel unsafe. As always, be sure to get permission before getting close to or touching any other participant. Help us keep this a safe and supportive space!

Our group values ethics, inclusion, growth and compassion as a means to support each of our unique journeys in developing non-traditional relationships. Please be prepared to bring those values, along with an awareness of the fundamental importance of consent and a respect for all others if you attend our events. We look forward to welcoming everyone interested or curious about non-monogamy and polyamory. :)

See you in the park!

Christina, Faun, Andrew & Marco

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