Cigar and Whisky Night - 21+, NOT a play party

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I'd love it for my husband to be able to enjoy his cigar and whisky with more friends within the community.

As I don't drink nor smoke, I decided to host a cigar and whisky night with him.

He's not in the scene though he has been really supportive of my journey in kink and he'd love to meet people who he can be more himself with.

This is a vanilla and platonic event, please do not join if you think you'd meet me and we gonna hook up, it's not gonna happen. (Can't believe I have to say this.)

Fill out the following form is a must:

We do decided to ask attendees for $6, mainly for the following reasons:

Prevent scammers and flakes.

Cover some cost for refreshments.

If you have questions, msg the host.