Club Safe Word: Content Creator Collab Night

  • Hosted by Club Safe Word
  • San Diego, CA -

Content Creator Collaborator Nights are limited to verified Content Creators ONLY!


All attendees must have a verified profile created on a digital platform. 

All attendees must have completed a Model Release with Club Safe Word for venue access. 

All attendees must have a medium of capturing content. This can be your cell phone, camera, 3rd party (must also be verified)


Intend to come to the collaboration night with content creation ideas in place. If you do NOT have any content to film solo (or with a partner) we recommend attending the Content Creator Social to chat with other creators. Collaboration nights are intended to be a place to film and create content, not socialize. Attendees who do not attempt to create content within the first hour of arrival will be asked to leave.

Respect other creators' content space. There are multiple areas to generate content around the venue, please refrain from interrupting or walking through another creator's content space. 

Note that this event is photo/video FRIENDLY. There will be photo and video continuously taken in support of content creation. 

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