Cluster* University Presents: Homecoming

  • Hosted by Bonobo Network
  • Oakland, CA -
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Cluster* University Presents: Homecoming

Hi Cluster! It’s the start of fall. The weather is cooling down but we are just heating up. Come join us as we go back to school to celebrate Homecoming!

Are you ready to reign as royalty? Maybe you're gearing up for the cross-town rivalry football game? No matter your style, come and dance under the disco ball. Create memories that will last a lifetime, surrounded by the laughter, joy and pleasure of old and new friends alike! 😍

Get your game on! 🎶 Our talented DJs will spin the most dance-worthy tunes, from the classics that once echoed in your hearts and souls to the latest beats that will keep you moving all night long! 🎵

So, mark your calendars, dress to impress, and join us for a night that will leave you feeling breathless.

PW: sportsball!


Your Hosts 

»»» Details

Created in collaboration with the Bonobo Network; Cluster* is our gathering of the young non-monogamous community. We invite everyone 40 and under to join us in creating this unique space. Here are the guidelines for what that means:

If you are under the age of 40, you are good to go!

Guests over the age of 40 are welcome to join if they are the guest of a person under the age of 40.

Key leadership team members of the Bonobo Network may be over the age of 40.

No set of rules encompasses all situations. If you think you should be at a party for the young non-monogamous community, please reach out to us.

Location: Private venue in Oakland.

  • Doors open at 7pm
  • Pre-party playshop at 8pm: Art of Flogging: Touching In with Vincent Michael
  • Opening circle at 9:15pm
  • IMPORTANT: No entry after opening circle without prior permission from hosts. Permission is only given to those who have completed Bonobo Network orientation and attended several Bonobo opening circles already.
  • Closing circle at 2am

No entry after 9:00pm without permission from hosts. (Email if you think you may need to join late.)

Important! If you're purchasing more than one ticket, please make sure each individual attending is named, along with their email address! This event is for Bonobo members only. You're not permitted to purchase a ticket for anyone who hasn't become a member.

»»» Entertainment


Art of Flogging: Touching In ~ with Vincent Michael

Whether you are just starting your journey into impact & sensation play or a seasoned aficionado. Maybe you are curious about this particular type of activity and how to go about it safely? Perhaps the thought of watching a flogging scene up close holds appeal? There is a little something here for everyone. If nothing else, walk away with a deeper appreciation of flogging. See how it can be approached as an empowering form of communication and fulfilling self-expression. A type of sacred dance that cultivates trust between one's self and another, can elevate the senses, and sometimes even lead to emotional catharsis. This hour-long pre-party workshop will contain a live demo and open Q&A.

Note: While class participants will not be using floggers during this. Rest assure you will be able to apply what you learn to your next scene, whatever your experience level!

Extra Note: Even if you have attended this demo class before or not, to add some variation, there will be a focus on playing with the sensual. Flogging is not just about inflicting “pain”, but rather creating a variety of consensual sensations that can bring us into meaningful connection with each other.

A few topics to be covered:

  • Pre-scene check ins
  • Basics of Presence ( why it matters)
  • Warming Up the skin
  • Gauging the body’s responses.
  • Aftercare Tips


10-11:30: Eva Leapin’ Lygress

11:30-1: Tassik

1-2:30: DEL (OppThot)

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