Cocréa: Accessing the Unbounded Embrace

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Learn the dance of connection that transcends the dance floor.

Feel the absolute joy and presence of another person tending to the space between you.

Whether you’re completely new to partner dance, have been dancing in other spaces for awhile, or have a completely different embodiment practice, this workshop is an opportunity to support you in taking your embodied movement with others to a new level!

Cocréa is as much a path of personal development as it is a training ground to become a better dancer. In this two day workshop, Wren LaFeet will hold a trauma sensitive, consent informed container to support and guide you in a beautiful practice of embodied listening - both with the self and others.

Cocréa embraces form and structure that supports the flowering of powerful presence and intimacy with one another, using the architecture of the body and awareness to create space for freedom and play.


We focus on the FUNdamentals of Mindful Partner Dance.

Breath is a central feature of mindfulness, and listening is essential for communication. Partner dance is communication in motion. Thus, we will hone techniques that empower embodied listening through mindful breathing.

We go in depth into partner dance components such as frame, tone, momentum/inertia and lead/follow dynamics, and explore how these become informed by a social justice lens and a heart centered model in the Cocréa container.

SUNDAY | 1:30PM - 5PM (following Ecstatic Dance next door)

We explore the Slow, Saucy and Sacred elements of moving together into bliss.

Technique focuses are a close embrace where our bodies are touching or almost touching, a relaxed frame in which the lead/follow roles are less defined, and a cirulating of the breath that allows us to move our energy towards or away from our partner (micro-cosmic orbit).

We will also learn potent ways of listening to the music and our partner simultaneously. This technique allows us to keep the dance moving and about the dance, rather than about our thoughts and the future.

This practice is all about PRESENCE!

Experience how we can notice and move with awareness of our sensual energies as they arise within a dance, and how to hold these energies in their highest possible light. We move in the realm of honouring the sacred in everyone with our dance, and with our touch, by celebrating and owning our pleasure and turn-on for ourselves.

Some partner dance experience recommended if taking Day 2 only.

Day 1 participants are welcome to participate in Day 2.

You can register for each day separately or together.

You can expect to leave this weekend feeling nourished, surprisingly satisfied, confident and proud of yourself! Whether you ever dance again or not, (and we certainly hope that you will!) you will find this practice and experience extremely beneficial to your overall well-being as an authentically embodied human.

Listen. Attune. Embody. Connect.

Some partner dance experience recommended if taking Day 2 only.

You can register for each day separately or together.

Wren LaFeet

Lead Facilitator

Wren is an embodiment guide intent on learning how to be in right-relationship as a 21st century human so he can best serve life. A trained dancer and theater worker, Wren shares body-based practices synthesized from social partner dance, mindfulness, Taoism, the Gene Keys, watersheds, neuroscience and psychology that support interpersonal connection and positive change.

In 2013, Wren co-founded Cocréa as a vehicle for exploring mindful, consent based relational practice through movement and dance. Channeling this intelligence, he creates brave spaces for humans struggling with disconnection and longing for a deeper sense of belonging to come home to themselves through the body.

Wren’s own many years of seeking have led him through theater and filmmaking, circus, nomadism, psychedelic-informed music culture, consent culture, decolonization work, permaculture and most presently, addiction recovery counseling. Along his path, nature, community, relationship, humor, movement and a sense of belonging to something far larger and more unknowable than this seemingly separate self are the consistent threads with which Wren braids meaning and purpose into life.

He is a TEDx speaker, featured author in "ReInhabiting the Village", certified Attunement Therapy practitioner and HeartMath certified trauma sensitive educator. Wren abides on the unceeded lands of the Amun Mutsen and Awaswas peoples, in the San Lorenzo river watershed, in the so-called region of Santa Cruz, California and is a 5th generation Californian descended from Portuguese emmigrants to San Rafael.

He has been dancing since 1998 and began performing on stage when he was 6 years old. He works with Embodied Recovery in Los Gatos, CA.

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