Collage and Connection

  • San Diego, CA -

A one-of-a-kind event combining art, education, making friends, and sipping natural wines at The Rose in South Park, San Diego.

Welcome! Consider this your invitation to come share an unforgettable evening of creativity, connection and an immersive journey of the senses. Throughout our evening, you can drink natural wines and learn about principles of art and design while diving into connective conversation with each other. And then you'll create your own collage art to take home with you. This event takes place at The Rose Wine Bar, a woman-owned restaurant located in the heart of South Park. If wine doesn't pique your interest, there will be a variety of mocktails and artisan teas on offer.

I'll start the workshop by giving you a brief introduction to art composition essentials, focusing on a different principle every month, so no experience or "creative bones in your body" is required! During our collaging together, you can select from a variety of images I will provide from books and magazines and pre-cut materials. Each workshop will be personally curated to the attendee's skill level with more or less guidance depending on their preference. These workshops are great as a one-off experience. However, when attended monthly, the workshop will begin to resemble something closer to an ongoing art course. This will lead to a growing understanding of not just collage, but art and design in general.

Each month we will put more emphasis on a different principle of art and design.

January: Positive and Negative Space

February: Dimensionality

March: Movement

April: Balance and Symmetry

May: Line

June: Color

July: Texture

August: Shape

September: Concept

October: Intuitive vs. Goal-Oriented Content

November: Trends

December: Marketable Merch

• Dinner reservations at The Rose are recommended before or after the workshop, not just because it's delicious, but also to support a local business that supports me.

• Light snacks such as house-cured olives, a variety of cheeses, and sourdough bread made from a 150+ year-old sourdough starter will be available for purchase.

•This experience generally accommodates parties of up to six persons. If you are interested in booking an experience for more than six, please contact me directly using the link below.

•This experience is generally offered on Tuesday evenings between 6 pm and approximately 8 pm. If you are interested in booking an experience on a different day of the week, or during different hours, please contact me directly.

•I will be providing all of the tools and materials you’ll need but you are welcome to bring your own paper materials you would like to incorporate. For example, special books, magazines, photographs, or maps from your travels all make excellent collaging materials.

Tickets include:

-A glass of natural wine for guests over 21 years of age. Alternatively, mocktails and artisan teas are also available.

-A crash course in composition and collage.

-Your own copy of "Basics of Composition" zine by Cuellar.

About the artist:

I'm a local multi-media artist whose friends affectionately call Cuellar. I have been a resident of San Diego since 2015 and a student of art and design my whole life. With professional artworks ranging from cast metal sculpture, fabrication, installation and experiential art, professional photography, print making, collage to name a few, I bring a broad spectrum of skills and perspectives to my work and events. My most recognizable works were as one of the lead artists for the Modern Times Brewery tasting room build-outs up the West Coast, including Portland, Oakland, Santa Barbara, and Anaheim. One of which can still be experienced in Encinitas.

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