Come Together Campout

  • Hosted by Next Rodeo Events
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 239 people on the list-

Music & Performances Lineup! We're announcing acts every day this week, starting with Rachel Lark and Beat Kitty!

** This is a private, invite-only event. Ticket links will be coming via email to those already in the loop, and a newbie application is available at ! **

All of your favorite weirdos in one place for 4 full days of play on the lake at Mendocino, CA!

Come splash in the lake, frolic in cabanas and delve into the dungeon with, Playdate, Mile High Airlines and more. Come Together Campout puts the best people, parties and education in one 4 day weekend you’ll never forget.

 Play all Day

From lakeside dance parties, to Slut Olympics to sex positive education to the late night Domed Dance Club to Playdate’s Connection Games to our very own production of Cats, Come Together will keep you playing from Thursday to Monday morning.

 Safe Container

Creating a safe container is the first step to really allowing your community to express themseves. We take this seriously, with all attendees screened by our team or by invitation, medical staff on hand, consent education throughout the event and, of course, a serious campaign to eliminate poison oak.


With outdoor cabanas, cozy spaces, cuddles under the stars, a

 Dungeon and lakeside beds, there’s so many spaces to explore and play in together.

 Join us!

Come Together Campout is a private, screened event. We welcome our existing friends and lovers, of course, and are also looking to add new people who will be an exceptional and positive addition to the space. If you haven't been to one of our events, get an invitation from a friend or apply on the website -

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