[BLOOM MEETUP] Coming Soon: A New Rock Musical by Rachel Lark

  • Hosted by Rachel Lark
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 92 people on the list-

We're hosting a Bloom meetup for Rachel Lark's awesome new musical, followed by a panel/Q&A with sex/relationship experts. Join us!!

12:30pm Bloom meetup @ Gallardo's Mexican Restaurant (3248 18th St, San Francisco)

2pm Coming Soon at Z Space

4pm Post-Show Panel with sex and relationship experts William Winters (Bonobo Network), Celeste Hirschman M.A. (Somatica Institute), and Dr. Alison Ash (Stanford University, TurnON.Love)

About the show: Maggie loves Mark. And Mark REALLY loves Maggie. But Maggie has a secret... she has been faking her orgasms for their entire eight-year relationship. With the help of her inner voices, Maggie goes on a wild adventure to pursue sexual satisfaction, figure herself out, and finally stop faking it. With an original story and music by Rachel Lark—who has been lauded for “tackling some massive issues through her personal lens of razor-sharp, satirical wit,” (Billboard)—Coming Soon features original songs including “The Manual Says,” “Why Do I Like This,” and “I’m Trying Hard to Make This Hot.”

This new, boldly sex-positive and brutally honest pop-rock musical comedy invites audiences on an exploration of kink, queerness, non-monogamy, and feminism.

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